Adelheid Bernstein


Alter Ego
Captain of Sky Noah
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Well trained martial artist and hand to hand combatant.
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Character HistoryEdit

General HistoryEdit

Adelheid Bernstein and his younger sister, Rose, are the only known children of Rugal Bernstein. He resides on the giant airship called "Sky Noah". Adelheid uses many of his fathers moves but unlike his father he is an honourable fighter, who exhibits good sportsmanship.He was portrayed by Jeremi during all his appearances.

Traitor Game IXEdit

Adelheid got sent into the Traitor Games shortly after losing his sister after the events in the eleventh King of Fighters tournament. Here he sparked a friendship with the mutant Kitty Pryde and met his old friend Rock Howard. The man known as Vandal Savage whom allegedly knew Adelheid's father, soon after his introduction became something of hate object for Adel. Adel exhibited strange behavior trough out the game, which during the final battle against Glory made it clear that he had been possessed by his father, Rugal Bernstein during these episodes. After the final battler, being purged from his fathers ghost and gaining some encouraging words from Madam Xanadu, Adel returned back to his own world. There he made a plan to rescue his sister.

1st Annual Traitor Game Awards ShowEdit

Adelheid made a short appearance in the award show were he met Rock and gave Vandal Savage a Genocide Cutter.

Traitor Game XVIEdit

He appeared in K9999 & Angel's apartment after there return to the KOFvers to hire them to search for his sister.

Traitor Game XXEdit

During the time woogie Adelheid appeared to fight against the horde of enemies.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Traitor TriviaEdit

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