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Character HistoryEdit

General HistoryEdit

Barrage is a member of the Light Riders in the Anti-Matter universe of the Marvel universe. There he follows vigilantly the teachings of En Saba Nuhr and protects the world from those that wish it harm.

Traitor Game XXIIIEdit

Barrage is sent to the Traitor Game hosted by the CSA where he butts head with Proteus and really does not do anything of merit. He gets killed shortly into the story.

3rd Annual Traitor Game Awards ShowEdit

His death was reported.

No one cared.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He had the power to transform his arms into organic weapons that could absorb a type of energy and fire it in powerful explosive blasts.

Traitor TriviaEdit

  • Anti-Matter Barrage is the least favorite of Jeremi's Traitor Game stable (as if you couldn't tell).
  • Which is why his death was mentioned in the Awards.
  • He is an expy of Wolverine from the animated series.

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