Atom Eve


Alter Ego
Samantha Eve Wilkins
Superheroine / Humanitarian
Group Affiliations
(formerly) Teen Team
Base of Operations
Mobile; USA, Africa
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game 26
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Matter manipulation, force fields, flight.
™ / © Owner
Image Comics
Portrayed By

Atom Eve, real name Samantha Eve Wilkins, is a superheroine-turned-humanitarian with the power to manipulate matter on a molecular level. Compassionate and ambitious, she strives to help people to the best of her abilities and create as perfect a world as possible one step at a time. She was portrayed by Deadpooligan in Traitor Game 26.

Character HistoryEdit

General HistoryEdit

Traitor Game 26Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Atom Eve's genetic powers grant her near-complete mastery over matter manipulation. She is able to transmute any number of non-animal molecules at a subatomic level into something else. Eve can manipulate and create Smart Atoms, active particles in metahuman DNA and the ambient atmosphere that enables the free transfer between matter and energy. This also allows her to create hard-light projections in the form of force-fields and flight platforms.

Eve also has an innate scientific knowledge, enabling her to understand any scientific principle, theory, or model presented to her in a given situation. Innocuously, she uses the knowledge of the atomic makeup of all substances to perform her transmutations, restricted only by her imagination and will to change the molecular structure. When pushed to a traumatic breaking point or being in a state of near-death, Atom Eve enters a transient ascended state where her mental blocks fade and her powers flare. This grants her the temporary ability to transmute even organic matter.

Traitor TriviaEdit

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