The Joker, aka The Batman


Alter Ego
Real name unknown
Vigilante and adventurer, former criminal/supervillain
Group Affiliations
Base of Operations
Gotham City, USA
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game Rivals
The Bionic Woman, Joker Beyond, Red Hood
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
The Joker underwent a physical transformation through the chemical bath that gave him his current appearance. Apparently, the chemicals enhanced his speed, strenght and overall agility to near peak human levels, making him a physical near equal to The Batman. He also uses a wide variety of deadly weapons camouflaged as part of Batman's arsenal or as comical equipment, including his trademark Laughing Toxin.
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DC Comics

Character HistoryEdit

General HistoryEdit

The arch nemesis of The Batman, Joker is a maniacal harlequin whose bizarre appearance and unerring instinct for the absurd have earned him a reputation as "the most dangerous criminal in the annals of crime." For Joker, each transgression he commits is an elaborate joke in which he tries to leave his victims dying with laughter - literally. More than any other enemy, Joker became inextricably linked to The Batman, as the crazed clown's plots began to take increasingly more personal tolls on the crime fighter.

Wanting nothing more than to make people laugh while he was still sane, Joker was born when he fell into a vat of chemicals. Rising out of the vat, he was transformed into the crazy, laughing and white-skinned clown that's a constant thorn in Batman's side.

A key moment in his criminal career came when he, moved by his dementia, decided to take on the role of "Batman" and dosed Bruce Wayne with Joker venom to create an arch-rival of his own. That event was the point of divergence in the continuity from where this Joker was induced into the Traitor Games.

Traitor Game XVIIIEdit

The so-called Bat-Joker was introduced here, as a troublemaking wisecracking psychopath secretely working as an Agent against the Traitors. Through the Game, Bat-Joker developed some sort of sick crush on Liz Thompson, one of Death the Kid's partners. The Joker stalked her and attempted to seduce her several times, although it is unknown how much of this was sincere and how much was only intended to torture Liz psychologically for cheap laughs.

Bat-Joker also found himself clashing against former Boy Wonder Jason Todd, now known as the Red Hood, and against the future alternate version of himself coloquially known as Joker Beyond. However, his greatest challenge came when trying to expose the Bionic Woman, who was the last Traitor left standing and had made a good reputation for herself across the rest of the Players. Finally, with the help of fellow Agent Nexus, the Bionic Woman was revealed as a Traitor, and she... or rather, the one who was posing as her... admitted defeat.

At the end of the Game, Joker not only got an (accidental) kiss from Liz, but he also was recruited by the Goddess Belldandy for still not fully known purposes.

Second Annual Traitor Game Award ShowEdit

Bat-Joker not only won the Best Agent of the Year award here, but he also saved the real Batman's life from an army of other Batvillains. He caught the mainstream DC Universe Joker, and since he ran outside of the auditorium to do so, he was not one of those caught in Deadpooligan's insane revenge plan. He came to depart in overall good terms with Batman after that.

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