Alter Ego
Norn Goddess of the Present
Group Affiliations
The Yggdrasil Norns
Base of Operations
Formerly, Yggdrasil, the supercomputerized Tree of Life. Currently, the Tariki Hongan Temple at Japan.
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Divine Heritage grants her powers over wind, lightning and minor demons. Mind reading, ability to change size and teleport through mirrors. Flight, communication with animals. Belldandy is also an experienced racer on karts and flying brooms.
™ / © Owner
Kosuke Fujishima
For the player, see user:OverMaster.

Belldandy is a character in the popular manga Oh My Goddess! (OMG) and in the anime of the same name. She was created by Kosuke Fujishima as one of three Goddesses who come to Earth to reside with Keiichi Morisato, and she serves as his love interest. She is depicted as a beautiful and powerful young woman, with strong nurturing tendencies, a trusting and innocent character, and an extremely kind heart. Belldandy is accidentally summoned from heaven by Keiichi in order to grant him a wish and stays when Keiichi wishes for "a goddess like you to be by my side forever". The stories follow Belldandy as she builds a relationship with Keiichi, using her powers (which include teleportation, telekinesis and levitation) to help both Keiichi and his friends while keeping her true identity a secret.

Her first appearance was in Afternoon in August 1988, and the manga has now been running for more than 20 years and has over 200 chapters. Belldandy has also featured in a prose novel, two TV series, a movie, and in an Original Video Animation series. The character has gained considerable respect throughout the various formats, as evidenced by her appearance as one of the most popular characters in the Newtype and Animage polls. The concept of Belldandy draws loosely from Norse mythology, with "Belldandy" being a transliteration of the Old Norse Verðandi, one of a trio of Norns. She is joined by characters representing the other two of the trio of Norns — her sisters Urd and Skuld.

Belldandy is regarded by commentators as an example of the magical girlfriend character, and comparisons have been drawn with the characters of Samantha from Bewitched and Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.The character's very conservative nature, however, which almost completely subordinates her to her fictional boyfriend, Keiichi, has led to some concerns from critics and has polarized the audience.

Traitor Game XIV

Belldandy made her actual TG debut here, after a preliminar cameo at the first Awards Ceremony. She was sent by Yggdrasil's authorities to keep an eye on Batman's game, although she was not informed about Emperor Joker being the reason behind the Dark Knight's woes. She had several problems fulfilling her mission, mostly due to her naive nature making her to feel at unease at the Game, although she correctly pointed at Elphaba Thropp and Popeye as Traitors after several failed guesses. During the battle against the Batman villains, she defeated two versions of Maxie Zeus, as well as Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man.

She was tricked and turned into a harmless baby by the Traitors, although she returned to her mature state after Emperor Joker revealed himself. In the ensuing battle, Belldandy fought Kefka, and attempted to appeal to Joker's feelings by conjuring the spirit of his long-deceased wife Jeannie.

At the end of the Game, Belldandy and her sisters granted a wish to almost every one of the involved players. They returned to their peaceful earthbound home with Keiichi Morisato afterwards.

Traitor Game XVIII

Belldandy made a brief cameo at the end of this Game, to take the alternate version of the Joker posing as Batman under her wing and care, most likely intending to rehabilitate him. User:OverMaster has alluded to Belldandy's feelings of guilt about failing to redeem Emperor Joker as her personal motivation for this action.

The Second Traitor Game Awards Ceremony

Belldandy made another cameo with her sisters here, this time to take Deadpooligan prisoner for his acts against players past and present. Apparently, she has done something right for the so-called Bat-Joker, since he saved Batman's life from an attempted attack by the other Batman rogues, and even rejected the chance to kill the Dark Knight himself.

Belldandy is expected to make some sort of appearance at the 26th Traitor Game.

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