Alter Ego
UCAS Black Ops
Group Affiliations
UCAS, the Dover Inquisition
Base of Operations
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game XIX
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XIX, Traitor Game XX (temporarily), Traitor Game XXI (also temporary)
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Innocent - first kill
Powers and Abilities
Telekinesis, disguises
™ / © Owner
Radioactive Zombie.

Radioactive Zombie's OC, from the Shadowrun universe (or an alternate version of it). Claimed to be a UCAS spy, and used multiple disguises (mistaken as multiple personas), the most common being a really annoying scientist who resembled Motoko from School Days. Had a habit of beating (with no effect) Hugh the Manatee's blubber.

Other disguises were a gas-masked trooper with an Australian accent and a crazed hobo that made even less sense than the scientist disguise. Dover in an Army Officer's uniform with Captain insginia temporarily appeared once.

Was, at one point, turned into composite Will Smith by a Bennett/Deadpooligan fusion, who proceeded to Bel-Air everyone.

Has appeared with other of Radioactive Zombie's OCs, also with the name "Dover" or alternations of "Glenstone".

Also made Radioactive Zombie more hated, due to the overuse of the scientist persona.

Note - He acted completely different from what Dover usually uses - still a scientist, but eyes obscured and a lot less annoying. Yes, he's taken from a tabletop/MUD character I use.

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