Alter Ego
Prince of Amber, adventurer
Group Affiliations
Royal Family of Amber
Base of Operations
Mobile, usually Earth or Amber (the One True City)
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Superhuman strength and endurance, regeneration, ability to walk through parallel universes ('Shadows') and alter reality, magical sword ("Grayswandir")
Created By
Roger Zelazny

Corwin of Amber is the main character in the first five books of the Chronicles of Amber novels, as well as several short stories that take place after the second five books in the series. He was created by author Roger Zelazny.

General HistoryEdit

Corwin is the third eldest surviving son of Oberon, King of Amber. Like others of the ruling family of Amber, Corwin is endowed with the ability to travel through the Shadows of Amber (in scholastic circles, 'Shadows' are often known as parallel universes). Throughout his many long life, Corwin has often vied with his siblings for right to succeed Oberon to the throne.

During a particularly heated conflict with his elder brother Eric, Corwin was nearly slain and left to die on the Shadow known as Earth. Barely surviving the ordeal, and a subsequent bout with the Black Plague in medieval London, Corwin was left amnesiac and without access to his shadow-walking abilities. He spent the intervening centuries plying his trade as a mercenary and soldier in various wars and conflicts. Among other notable events, Corwin is known to have served during WWII under General MacArthur, and under Napoleon at Waterloo.

Corwin's memory was inadvertently restored to him just in time for him to become a key player in the Black Road War, a multiverse-spanning conflict between the Courts of Chaos and Amber. Corwin managed to prevent his mad brother Brand from reordering the multiverse as we know it, but at great cost; Oberon sacrificed his life to repair a damaged Pattern, and Corwin's beloved sister Deirdre was slain by Brand.

In what he believed at the time to be a last ditch effort to save reality, Corwin ended up inscribing a Pattern of his own. What effects this second Pattern will have on the two poles of existence is as yet unknown.

At the end of the Black Road War, Corwin found himself in conflict with Dara, his former lover and the mother of his son Merlin. Before he could be captured, he was spirited off to Traitor Game XVI: Whom The Gods Would Destroy.

Traitor Game XVIEdit

Traitor Game ?Edit

At an as yet undefined time, Corwin participated in a Traitor Game at the behest of his father, who considered the Traitor Games fundamental to the training of the royalty of Amber. Corwin's game is alluded to have taken place prior to the first recorded Traitor Game, but given the existence of time travel, his participation could possibly be in an as yet unrevealed future game.

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