Elektra (the poster) played Elektra in Traitor Game XXI. She had a deep attachment for the titular character, and often bragged about writing Elektra comics, amongst other complaints about Elektra's being retconned to have been a Skrull for the past several years. As the game progressed, she repeatedly ignored the guidelines of the game and started arguments for various reasons with other players. In response, when the time came to banish Elektra (the character) in-game, Indigo Al and tangentman wrote a mocking passage in her writing style in which Anita Blake shot and killed Elektra, revealing her to be a Skrull.

A few players thought this was a bit mean-spirited, taunting the player with something from the then-current comics that she truly hated, but all sympathy for her vanished when Elektra (the player) responded.

Elektra began ranting against tangentman (who had posted the update that included the passage in question) and DoctorDoom (who she felt had betrayed her somehow). Eventually, she turned to threatening every player, and the forums, with "hacking" and a downloaded script.

Brian Cronin, a CBR admin, banned her amongst a variety of other reasons and deleted her final TG-related post.

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