Space Ghost, Zorak, & Moltar


Alter Ego
Thaddeus "Tad" Ghostal Bach, Katydid "Zorak" Jones, The Lord of Mighty Ovens
Superhero/talk-show host, Supervillain/keyboardist, Supervillain/director/producer
Group Affiliations
Ghost Planet Industries
Base of Operations
Ghost Planet
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Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XI
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Power bands and power belt, hypnotism, body composed of molten lava
™ / © Owner
Hanna Barbera
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Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar are the host, bandleader, and director/producer of interstellar the talk-show Space Ghost Coast to Coast. When they're not heckling each other on the air, they're quipping on their downtime or having some kind of misadventure. They were portrayed by Deadpooligan in Traitor Game XI and all subsequent appearances.

Character HistoryEdit

General HistoryEdit

Space GhostEdit


"Space Ghost: King of Space!"

Interplanetary Peacekeeper Thaddeus "Tad" Ghostal Bach was a man betrayed by the system for questioning their morals and ethics. His corrupt peers killed his wife and unborn child, beat Thaddeus to near-death, and abandoned him on The Planet of the Dead. He was rescued and brought back to health by an exiled weaponsmith, and soon he was "reborn" as a wraith of the man he once was; Space Ghost, given abilities from alien technology. Avenging his family, he turned his heart to justice and aided in the defeat of the Zorathian invasion and their hiveminded leader Zorak. Space Ghost would take on two human orphans of the invasion, Jan & Jace as his sidekicks. The three of them (with pet monkey Blip) would spend years around the universe fighting supervillains, facing Zorak and new foes Moltar, Brak, Mettalus, Black Widow and the Creature King.

After an impressive career of spacefaring and superheroing, the 1980s hit with full force as Space Ghost retired into a doughy couch-dwelling lifestyle. In the 90s, Space Ghost restless justice-dispensing soul finally found peace in a new (more popular) career hosting a late-nite talk show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, based out of Ghost Planet. Using imprisoned stellar criminals Zorak, Moltar, and Brak as his stage crew, the show was a hectic, if consistent, production. Space Ghost later remarried on impulse, a decision he would regret for years to come. After seven seasons of abusing Zorak and innocuously patronizing his guests on the air, Space Ghost had his show moved from Cartoon Network to GameTap, where he remains to this day (albeit with a more limited audience).



"You dance like a woman."

Leader of the Zorathian hivemind empire of Manti IV, Katydid "Zorak" Jones is an alien mantis and sometimes known as the Lone Locust of the Apocalypse. He was Space Ghost's first nemesis, but has lost contact with his entire colony some time ago. Back in the 60s he used to continuously pester Space Ghost to no success, be it alone or on a team. His nemesis has since forced him to be the bandleader of The Original Way Outs on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. As such, his keyboarding skills are unmatched, although secretly he plays a programmed synthesizer. Zorak relentlessly heckles Space Ghost at any opportunity and has survived dozens of force blasts from his Power Bands.

Zorak is actually 40 years old, and claims to have a slew of ex-wives and illegitimate children. This is naturally impossible since his head is still attached to his body. (This also makes him a virgin.) When SGC2C went on hiatus, he hung around with Brak to take his money and mooch off his family, but returned when Space Ghost's talk-show was picked up by GameTap.



"Cool. CHiPs."

Moltar is an alien lava man hailing from the planet Moltor where he is also known as The Lord of Mighty Ovens that Can Incinerate Any and All Foes. Like Zorak, he tussled with Space Ghost every once in a while back in the day and never emerged victorious, even when he teamed up with The Council of Doom. He has since taken up baking and thrives on an overindulgence of geeky habits; comic books, classic video games, and memorabilia collecting. Moltar's viewing monitor (complete w/joystick) has almost complete control over daily Ghost Planet processes.

He is happily married to a woman named Linda and has successfully directed and produced Space Ghost: Coast to Coast through the entirety of its run, continuing to do so since it has been purchased by GameTap. Moltar hides a personal shame in his disappointment with his lack of popularity and themed merchandise with regards to those of his peers. He is also well known and received considerable critical acclaim hosting the Toonami cartoon block, but due to a pay dispute was later replaced by the automaton named TOM.

Traitor Game XIEdit

First Annual Traitor Game Award ShowEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Space GhostEdit

Space Ghost received his super powers from an hermit weapons designer while exiled on The Planet of The Dead. His Power Bands have five offensive and five defensive settings that enable a specific type of power blast and force field:

  • Force
  • Stun
  • Heat
  • Freeze
  • Magnetism

His Power Belt enables flight, teleportation, super speed, the ability to survive in a vacuum unaided, and most prominently intangibility and invisibility.

Space Ghost also rides around in The Phantom Cruiser when accompanied by his two sidekicks and space monkey. The ship is capable of sub-lightspeed travel and armed with a myriad of weapons. His suit has a communicator on the chest to direct the ship and contact his team.


Zorak's only apparent ability is a limited hypnotism power; he achieves this spinning his eyeballs, and maintaining direct eye contact with his target. Zorak also claims to have once been the leader of a hivemind of the Zorathian insect empire, although he has no evidence to support this. He also has an endless resolve to heckle Space Ghost.

For a time, Zorak (under the guise of Batmantis) was the bearer of Steve the Power Ring, although the sarcastic AI soon became aware this user had an extremely limited means of instilling (any) fear in his foes and fled.


Moltar comes from a race of aliens whose bodies are comprised entirely of molten magma. By exposing a part of his body from his containment suit, he can burn at a high enough temperature to liquefy most metals. He is also capable of throwing part of his body at foes as a projectile weapon. Moltar's body is also seemingly self-regenerating.

His baking skills, the goods most of the time baked to a deliciously honed perfection, can also be a deadly treat depending on the ingredients and intentionally botched recipe.

Traitor TriviaEdit

  • Space Ghost is married to icelandic singer/songwriter Björk. She bears a passing resemblance to his first wife.
  • Zorak's vest is made of angora, one of two things that can soothe the savage Lobo.
  • Moltar is a huge fan of Lynda Carter and gushed over her quite a bit in Traitor Game XI.

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