Archaeology student, information source
Group Affiliations
Mario's companions, Rogue Avengers
Base of Operations
University of Goom, sometimes Rogueport
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game VIII
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game VIII, Traitor Game X, Traitor Game XI, Traitor Game XIV, Traitor Game XX, Traitor Game XXIII, Traitor Game: War of the Exiles, Traitor Game: There Will Be Brawl, Traitor Game: Existential Crisis
Traitor Game Rivals
Owlman, Allebmoog, Sylar
Traitor Game Roles
Traitor Game VIII (Agent, information source), Traitor Game X (information source), Traitor Game XIV (information source)
Powers and Abilities
Attacks with headbonks, can quickly look up info on just about any character or creature
™ / © Owner
Nintendo, Intelligent Systems

Goombella is a Goomba from the Mario universe, primarily the Paper Mario universe. She first appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door as Mario's first partner and advisor.

She is an archaelogy student at the University of Goom, although lately she and her mentor Professor Frankly have been researching the ancient lost city discovered underneath the port town of Rogueport.

Fictional Character History Edit

Traitor Game VIII Edit

Traitor Game X Edit

Goombella re-appeared in Traitor Game X, doing the tattles for various characters in the game once again. However, this time she was doing so from a remote confrontation (the office filled with monitors in Darth Jubba's palace) and was not physically present at the main setting of the game.

Traitor Game XI and Traitor Game XII Edit

Goombella appeared mostly as part of a subplot in Traitor Game XI, to set up storylines for later games. She did not do any tattles, but she was summoned to participate in the 'trial' subplot involving Mojo's desire to host a Traitor Game. After telling the judge that she had discovered a disc with lists of future Traitor Game hosts (and that Mojo's name was on it), the trial was ended and Goombella was free to go.

However, she was met by a pair of SHIELD agents who took her to a courthouse in the Marioverse. There, she was asked about the whereabouts of Bowser and Kammy Koopa, whom SHIELD was pursuing as part of its multiversial villain-nabbing initiative.

This subplot paid off in the prologue to Traitor Game XII, where Goombella and other Paper Mario sidekicks Koops and Bow meet with Bowser and Kammy -- only for the two villains to be captured by Rogue and Danielle Moonstar, who were working with SHIELD at the time. Goombella made no further appearances in that game, having done her part in helping capture Bowser and Kammy.

First Annual Traitor Game Awards Show Edit

Goombella was one of many previous Traitor Game characters present at the First Annual Traitor Game Awards Show. Along the way, she did tattles on Deadpool, Thorpool, and Wolfram and Hart. She also had another confrontation with her evil counterpart Allebmoog during the latter portion of the show.

Traitor Game XIV Edit

Goombella was an NPC in this game, but a more or less important one. She was given the title of 'Oracle' as Batman acknowledged the usefulness of her information-giving function. Along the way, Jack Skellington gave her a laptop (which he had acquired from Pinky and the Brain). In addition to horrible fanfiction, it was filled with all sorts of useful information and had Internet access. Goombella kept the laptop at the end of the game, and has used it a few times since then, though she still does tattles sometimes by looking through her usual green book.

Rogue Avengers and Traitor Game XX Edit

Traitor Game XXIII Edit

Traitor Game: War of the Exiles Edit

Traitor Game: There Will Be Brawl Edit

Traitor Game L: Existential Crisis Edit

Allebmoog Edit

Allebmoog is an alternate timeline version of Goombella, created as a result of Goombella's being sent to Belasco's Limbo during Traitor Game VIII.