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Hal Jordan
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DC Universe Sector 2814
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Traitor Game IV: Payback is a Dog of the Female Gender!
Traitor Game History
TGIV, 1st Annual Traitor Game Awards Show, TGXIV
Traitor Game Rivals
Rorschach, Scourge of the Underworld, Emma Frost
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TGIV - Agent
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Wielder of a Green Lantern Power Ring
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General History Edit

When Green Lantern Abin Sur crashed his spaceship on Earth while transporting his prisoner, Atrocitus, the dying Green Lantern sent his Power Ring out to find a replacement. The Ring soon discovered test pilot, Hal Jordan, and brought Jordan to Abin Sur. There Sur appointed Hal Jordan the Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

Jordan was summoned to his first Traitor Game a year after DC's Infinite Crisis ended.

Traitor Game IV Edit

Hal Jordan was summoned to Traitor Game IV by the Monitor to be an Agent of SHIELD. Hal immediately tried to take a leadership role while befriending Superman, The Human Bomb, and Jimmy Kudo. After Superman's death, Hal accused Scourge of the Underworld of being a Traitor and had an altercation with the man. He also discovered a planted clue left by the Traitors implicating Captain Atom as the Traitor. This led to Hal's banishment when he voted for Captain Atom.

All was not lost as Hal knew that several if not all of the Traitors had a hand in voting him out. Although banished, Hal managed to communicate with the others trough an Action Figure created by his Ring, and then through a monitor linked to Limbo. He accused Rorschach and Captain Universe of being Traitors at this time, even getting Rorschach to vote out Captain Universe. (See the "Rorschach Maneuver".) Although temporarily given a reprieve, Rorschach soon became a suspect again as Captain Universe hinted a Traitor for her and Rorschach tried to hard to frame Dream. Hal successfully lobbied to to get Rorschach banished.

Finally, the final Traitor, Black Bolt, was called out by Hal when the Rogue Watcher questioned the silent Inhuman. In the end, Hal also helped to get Black Bolt banished.

1st Annual Traitor Games Awards Show Edit

Hal Jordan arrived late to the 1st Annual Traitor Games Awards Show. However, before entering the auditorium he was met by Rorschach and Cologne. Hal accosted Rorschach but was ultimately convinced not to harm him by Cologne. Cologne also warned Hal that all three of them might be summoned to another Traitor Game soon. This proved to be correct because soon after returning home from the Awards Show, and during the final hours of the Sinestro Corps War, Hal was called to Traitor Game XIV by Batman.

Traitor Game XIV Edit


Green Lantern attacks Rorschach from the TGXIV Movie Poster.

Hal Jordan arrived in his second Traitor Game, TGXIV, in an unfamilar position as a Player only with no role. Once again he tried to bring some semblance of leadership but was often met with opposition by other players such as Spider-Woman and Emma Frost. Also, he repeatedly offered Batman his help, but Batman was too far gone in paranoia to let him.

During the course of the game, Hal was troubled by the physical and mental well-being of The Question. After the first kill of the Joker, The Question succumbed to his ailment and it was revealed the the Question was really Rorschach. This led to a fight with his old rival and perhaps Rorschach's own death at the hands of the game's Vigilante, Spider-Woman. After Rorschach's death it was revealed he was one of Batman's Agents and Hal Jordan helped Rorschach have a semblance of life by providing a Power Ring contructed body in which he placed Rorschach's conciousness.

At one point during the game, Batman's Rogue's Gallery appeared to fight the Players. However, one of the Powers that Preside removed Hal Jordan from play in order for him to continue his role in the Sinestro Corps War. When the battle with the Rogue's was complete, Hal was returned to the Traitor Game, then thanked Rorschach, who had been reintegrated into the Ring, for the suggestion of belting Sinestro with a two by four. Soon after that, Hal Jordan was shot and killed by the Traitors after apparently turning his Ring over the them.

In the end, the Players stopped the Joker, who was the one truly responsible for the game, and Hal Jordan used his wish granted by Belldandy to return home to see the sun rising over the Earth.

Traitor Game XX Edit

Hal Jordan makes an appearance next in TGXX in the guise of Parallax. After he brutally attacks Evinlea, Charon retaliates by separating the Parallax Entity from Hal Jordan and incinerates it. Hal remembers everything he did as Parallax and thanks Charon for saving him. Charon then disintegrates Jordan.

Whether this is the same Hal Jordan that appeared in TGIV and TGXIV remains to be seen.

Traitor Trivia Edit