Alter Ego
Andrea Thomas
School-teacher, self-appointed "Champion of Good, Foe of Evil, Defender of the weak"
Group Affiliations
Ally of Captain Marvel, Jan Marvel & Brady Marvels (TG Continuity), Freedom Force, "League of Liberated Ladies"
Base of Operations
Larkspur, CA
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XVII, XVIII
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Whenever Andrea Thomas invokes the incantation, "Oh Mighty Isis", the Amulet of Hatshepsut transforms her into Isis, a demi-goddess with powers over nature and the mind. Isis possesses the powers of telekinesis, flight, ESP, dominion over animals, enhanced strength/speed/agility, as well as formidable magic that allows her to cast powerful spells with a far-reaching range of effects.
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