The Limbo Legion is an assortment of villains, anti-heroes, and one brainwashed Asgardian goddess assembled by Immortus. They were founded at the end of Traitor Game VIII: How Low Can You Limbo? Originally consisting of Immortus himself, Soundwave, and a future version of Soundwave named Omniwave, the Limbo Legion would gain a new member in the backup features of each of the five Traitor Games that followed.

In the end, the membership consisted of Immortus, Soundwave, Omniwave, Vandal Savage, Sif of Traitor Game 10's Asgard, a warped Iron Man, Bizarro, and Mr. Bones. The Destroyer (who Sif nicknamed 'Troy') could also be considered a member.

Beginnings of the Limbo Legion Edit

Recruitment of Members Edit

Vandal Savage Edit

Sif Edit

Iron Man Edit

Bizarro Edit

Mr. Bones Edit

The Limbo Legion Saga Edit

The End of the Limbo Legion Edit

Later references or appearances Edit

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