Lotta Hart
No Title
Tabloid photojournalist
Group affiliations
Various tabloid newspapers she sells photos to
Current status
Roving around various places in search of celebrity gossip and big scoops
First Traitor Game appearance
The Fourth Annual Traitor Game Award Show
Traitor Game history
The Fourth Annual Traitor Game Award Show, Traitor Game: Clash of the Chaos Lords (no special role)
Traitor Game Alliances
Betty Brant (duo partner), Volstagg, Dan Hibiki
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and abilities
Can quickly snap photos as needed. Access to plenty of photography equipment for all kinds of photos.
Ace Attorney series
Played in the Traitor Games by
Chris Lang

Lotta Hart is a photojournalist from the heartlands, or the South. She writes articles and takes pictures to submit to various tabloids. Her specialty was formerly the paranormal, but after witnessing a spirit-channeling incident in Kurain Village that ended in a brutal murder, she decided to switch her specialty to celebrity gossip.

The Fourth Annual Traitor Game Award Show Edit

(filled in later)

Traitor Game: Clash of the Chaos Lords Edit

(filled in later)

Cameos and Other Appearances Edit

(filled in later)

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