Another crappy group RZ came up with. Headed by an alternate version of Shinji Ikari, who seems more cheerful (and quick to anger) than his canonical counterpart, and backed by various mecha pilots recruited from teleportation.

First shown when Mechagodzilla and Talon were separated in Talon's epilogue, who were forced through a portal in Terminal Dogma when Shinji Ikari of that universe found them along with two other Angels.

In Coop's prologue, EVA-01, Talon, and Mechagodzilla were seen pursuing Coop, until he was sucked into a Traitor Game. Along the way, they caused MEGAS XLR to crash-land during the game by Talon accidentally detonating a junkyard planet it was on. In his epilogue, he is saved from Arcade's Mechagodzilla by the arrival of... who else, Mechagodzilla. Following EVA-01 and Talon into the portal, he and approximately a hundred others were recruited with the task of fighting off aliens, or at least, Ikari claimed. Objects were thrown at Ikari during his recruiting speech. Oh, and it appears Ikari's taken on the appearance of his father, minus awesome beard.

During the end of TGXX, Ikari was informed of a disturbance (read: Omniwave malfuctioning), appearing with Talon.

Was found scootering about on a Segway during the 2nd Annual Traitor Game Awards thread.

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