Nabiki Tendo
Alter Ego
Would be entrepeneur, scam artist
Group Affiliations
None, really
Base of Operations
Nerima, Japan
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game VII
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game VII (cameo), Traitor Game XX (player character), Second Annual Traitor Game Awards Show, Third Annual Traitor Game Awards Show, Traitor Tales III: Big In Japan
Traitor Game Rivals
Dr. Evil, Ultimate Spider-Woman
Traitor Game Roles
Traitor (Traitor Game XX)
Powers and Abilities
Able to con lots of people out of their money
™ / © Owner
Rumiko Takahashi/Viz Communications

Nabiki Tendo is the middle daughter of Soun Tendo in the anime and manga series Ranma 1/2. She is notorious for her money-grubbing schemes. Blackmail, scams, starting bets on the various fights that occur in Nerima, selling pictures of certain girls to certain boys who are overly obsessed with them are all in a day's work for Nabiki.

Naturally, when Nabiki gets involved in the Traitor Games, she decides to make a profit off of the misery and confusion of their participants.

Fictional Character History Edit

Traitor Game VII Edit

Nabiki appears for only a few short scenes in Traitor Game VII. After Darth Jubba set up a giant television screen in Nerima Park so that the residents could view the proceedings of the game live as it happened, Nabiki began taking wagers on who the Traitors were. She claimed she herself guessed who the Traitors were correctly each time.

Traitor Game XX Edit

Second Annual Traitor Game Awards Edit

Nabiki was present at the Second Annual Traitor Game Award Show, taking bets on who the award winners would be. As it was, she was surprised herself at a few of the winners. She left the proceedings immediately after the last award was given, and missed the chaotic moments that ensued afterward.

Third Annual Traitor Game Awards Edit

Nabiki was present at the Third Annual Traitor Game Award Show, once again taking bets on who the award winners would be. While there, she had a meeting with a duo of fan artists who were selling fan art of various Traitor Game participants. She fled the ceremony once Dark Phoenix became involved.

Traitor Tales Three: Big In Japan Edit

Nabiki Tendo was one of several VIP guests to Saki Tenjoun's new amusement park, 'Wonderful Land'. As a result, she and the other guests spent most of their time in the special areas of the park not open to the general public, namely the 'pocket universe wonderlands' emulating various genres of anime and other Eastern entertainments.

During her stay, she was able to take pictures of Saki Tenjouin and her girl assistants's behavior under the influence of the 'Romantic Comedy Wonderland'. She was also a close observer of Negi Springfield's confrontation with a female ninja, and recognized the 'Chestnut fist' when Negi used it against his opponent.

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