Negi Springfield


Alter Ego
English Teacher at Mahora Academy’s 3-A class.
Group Affiliations
The Ala Alba Club (fomerly known as the Negima Club)
Base of Operations
Asuna Kagurazaka and Konoka Konoe’s room at Mahora Academy Japan.
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Traitor Game XI – Traitor/Lawbringer
Powers and Abilities
Magical powers, mostly based on wind and lightning. Negi can fly using his magical staff, and has shown fair ability at potion-making. He is also an accomplished martial artist and expert on languages
™ / © Owner
Ken Akamatsu
For the player, see user:OverMaster.

Negi Springfield is the main character of the manga/anime Negima!: Magister Negi Magi (Mahō Sensei Negima!?). He is a mage in training and the homeroom and English teacher of Class 3-A (formerly 2-A) of Mahora Academy Middle School for girls. Rina Satou is his voice actress in both anime series, while Greg Ayres is his English voice actor. He is also portrayed in the live-action series by child actress Yukina Kashiwa.

Negi's name is actually a pun as negi in Japanese means scallion, also known as green onions, spring onions or, appropriately, Welsh Onions, and are in the same family as the leek, which is a national symbol of Wales. He likes spring onion kabobs with grilled chicken, because his name is in it. His nickname, Negi-bōzu, is another pun since while bōzu can be translated as "kid" or "sonny", negibōzu literally means "onion-head".

Negi is the son of master mage Nagi Springfield, famously known as the legendary "Thousand Master". The identity of his mother is as of yet unknown, but his mother has been hinted to be Princess Arika of the Magical World.

Early in his childhood, Negi came to live with his cousin (thought to be sister because he always refers to her as onee-chan) Nekane Springfield in a small village in the mountains of England. Even as a small child, he lived pretty much alone in his uncle's guest house, with Nekane coming to care for him during her breaks while studying in Wales. While there, he befriended Anya, a little girl about a year older than him who helped him study magic, and even gave him his first training wand. Negi spent most of his time getting into trouble, hoping that if he were to get into enough trouble, the Thousand Master would come to save him. His antics ranged from being chased by large dogs to nearly drowning in a river.

When Negi was four years old, his wish came true, with unfortunate results. A horde of demons appeared and attacked his village. Just as a demon was about to attack Negi, the Thousand Master appeared just in time to save Negi from receiving a fatal blow from the demon. With a few strikes and a powerful spell, he destroyed all of the demons but the village was already in ruins and most of the villagers had already been turned to stone. When the fighting was over the Thousand Master saw Negi and before parting he left Negi his staff and a few words.

After the incident Negi, Nekane, and Anya were moved to a village of magicians in Wales, where Negi immersed himself into his studies. He graduated from Magic School at the age of nine at the top of his class of only five students to graduate that year. His certificate of graduation read that to become a Magister Magi (a "Master Mage") he must take on the assignment of teacher in Japan as part of his training. The Headmaster sent Negi to Mahora Academy, a school run by the dean Konoemon Konoe who is a close friend of the headmaster.

As part of his assignment Negi is now the homeroom and English teacher of Class 3-A (formerly 2-A) of Mahora Academy Middle School as the teacher of a class of formerly 31 girls, now reduced to 30.

Traitor Game XI

Negi made his TG debut here, summoned by Charon to act as a vessel for one of his Lawbringers. As such, Negi acted as a Traitor along Dr. Mc Ninja and the Bionic Bigfoot. Negi murdered several fellow players such as Tia Dalma and Space Ghost, while making sure several other players like Superdick were blamed instead of him.

He was the last Traitor to be voted out right before the Game could reach a tragic finish, and despite his students’ reassurance none of the events of the Game were his fault, the remorse for the murders still haunts him to this day.

Traitor Game XIV

Negi and his students all made cameos as prisoners at the Batcave during this game.

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