Obstacley the Obstacle Sprite


Alter Ego
Obstacle Sprite
Group Affiliations
Misc. Sprites
Base of Operations
Everywhere obstacles are to be found
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game XVIII
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XVIII, XX
Traitor Game Rivals
Mojo Jojo
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
incredibly powerful when it comes to adding/removing obstacles from existence.
™ / © Owner
N/A, but inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000 characters

In the universe of pointless short films produced to inspire young minds not to take things like springs, waffles, or zinc for granted, there must be sprites who take said things away when some brain-dead clod wishes they didn't exist and relent almost instantly once the stooge who had made the wish recants. Obstacley is one such sprite... the poor, poor fellow...

General History Edit

Obstacley has existed as long as obstacles have been around and will continue to exist for as long as obstacles are needed and/or wanted... even if he has to fudge things a bit.

Traitor Game XVIII Edit

Obstacley first appears to Mojo Jojo who wishes there were no obstacles in the world. Obstacley removes obstacles from Mojo's life, allowing Mojo Jojo to convince Mister B. Natural to leave him alone and go bother another Mojo-- specifically the grotesquely obese X-Men foe. Additionally, Obstacley's influence allows Mojo Jojo to finally succeed in his goal of defeating The Powerpuff Girls.

Traitor Game XX Edit

Mojo Jojo proceeds to run rampant in his obstacle-free life, exacting revenge on another trio of former adversaries of his, The Warners. His revenge enacted, Mojo proceeds to try to take over the Traitor Games, but eventually strikes a deal with Obstacley, allowing the sprite to undo all of the superintelligent monkey's previous obstacle-free exploits.

The poor sprite is quickly overwhelmed and exhausted, but undoes many of Mojo's recent obstacle-less successes in such universes as the Looney Tunes universe or the early Marvel Universe.

In Their Own Words Edit

"Never again!

Next time a talking ape doesn't want any obstacles, they're on their own!"

Traitor Trivia Edit

Several universes were mentioned, but not "seen" as being visited by Obstacley. Two universes that were cut due to unfinished artwork were The Dark Knight Returns universe and the Nightmare Before Christmas' Halloweentown.

Obstacley is based off of Coily from the short subject "A Case of Spring Fever" that had been parodied on "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

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