Alter Ego
Kevin MacTaggert, "Mutant X"
Serial killer
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Earth (House of M), the Multiverse
First TG Appearance
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Traitor Game XXIII
Traitor Game Rivals
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Powers and Abilities
Reality warping, body possession, form composed entirely of psionic energy.
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Marvel Comics
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Proteus, real name Kevin MacTaggert, and known to authorities as Mutant X, is an absolute monster. This psionic mutant parasite draws on his misanthropy and rage from his childhood to warp reality and possess bodies, creating living nightmares to prey on everyone and everything in his path. He was portrayed by Deadpooligan in Traitor Game XXIII.

Character HistoryEdit

General HistoryEdit

Traitor Game XXIIIEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Proteus is a mutant with the power of reality warping and manipulation to a nearly infinite degree. He is limited only by his imagination and able to warp it on a whim. Most of the time Proteus will turn solid matter into a semi-liquid appearance to bend, stretch, and distort the bodies and pain centers of his enemies. If he is feeling particularly cruel, he will read his foes' minds and put them in a nightmare-induced state where their greatest fears emerge physically to haunt them.

A large drawback to Proteus' powers is an insatiable need to "feed on" and siphon life energy. In his natural form, he exists as pure psionic energy, with the ability to body-jump into other organic human forms, stealing their energies, memories, and lives, burning out their physical forms rather quickly and leaving the corpses as nothing more than withered husks. The use of his reality warping powers in a host body greatly speeds up the physical degeneration and forces Proteus to frequently transfer his form into a new body to survive.

Although he is immensely powerful, Proteus has a strong weakness to most metals. His form energy form can be dispersed by metal, effectively "killing" him. In a host body, even the touch of metal against his skin burns him, and metal protruding through the insides of a body acts as a poison, often forcing him to abandon it and seek out a new host.

Special circumstances occur when Proteus inhabits the body of Morph; this host body not only provides insulation from Proteus' metal weakness, but is also immune to physical degeneration. The lack of these vulnerabilities makes Proteus virtually unstoppable. The Exiles, however, were able to defeat him in this form by using a behavior modification device, brainwashing him into only accessing Morph's memories.

Heather Hudson theorized that should Proteus re-emerge in Morph's body and gain the information stored in the Crystal Palace, it would bring about the complete and utter destruction of the Multiverse, one Earth and dimension at a time.

Traitor TriviaEdit

  • He impregnated Satan Girl through the use of his powers at the end of Traitor Game XXIII. Should the child inherit the abilities of its parents' Kryptonian and mutant heritage, it will be unimaginably powerful.

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