Rangiku Matsumoto


Alter Ego
Group Affiliations
Soul Reapers, 10th Division
Base of Operations
Soul Society
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XVIII, XX
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Expert Swordsmanship Specialist, Flash Steps Expert, Kido Practitioner, Spiritual Power, Zanpakutō Named Haineko, Zanpakutō can dissolves into cutting ash.
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Traitor Game XVIII Edit

Rangiku's first appearance in the Traitor Games was in Traitor Game XVIII. After entering the portal, she was confronted by the host of that game, the evil Mojo. He asked her if she would be a Traitor in this game of murder. She initially refused, but once Mojo said that he had some "stuff" on her (we still are unsure what that "stuff" is), she agreed to his offer and went along with his game. Along with her fellow Traitors, they killed their first target, Bill O'Reilly.

After killing Bill, Rangiku began hanging out with The Mask. The connection between the two led to a budding romance (and Rangiku's head being dunked in soup). She and her fellow Traitors chose to put their next target, Leonard Shelby, in a coma. At that time, Rangiku began to feel guilty of her actions. In the third round, she was killed at the hand (skateboard, rather) of the Viglante, Death the Kid.

Rangiku arrived in Murderworld where she soon battled against the Wrecking Crew. Later, she was told Mask's real identity, she vanished.

Traitor Game XX Edit

At some point during TG XVIII, Rangiku was pulled into Traitor Game XX's time warp. She started a friendship with Pip the Troll and she hit on her fellow traitor, The Tenth Doctor. The two and others battled Mister B. Natural, Richard the Warlock and Him. After the battle, Rangiku passed out. Before she left and was sent back to XVIII, she kissed The Doctor and left her sash in the TARDIS.

The Second Annual Traitor Game Award Show and ReturnEdit

After her time in Limbo was over, Rangiku was sent back to a empty Murderworld. She was then contacted by the Tenth Doctor, who gave her back her sash, and after a quick banter, the duo ventured to the Second Annual Traitor Game Award Show. The two eventually split up to talk to other people, and again Rangiku met up with the Mask. After their love was once-again sparked again, they had a quick fling. There was the unfortunate revelation that the man beneath the Mask was not the man she once loved, and at the end of the night, she found out that The Doctor was the only friend she needed, leaving with him in the TRADIS once again.

Traitor Game XXV Edit

Rangiku was one of the players in XXV. She bound with Duffman of a few beers. She also a a close friendship with the woman known as Isis. Rangiku was first voted out of the game. Then, she was brought back into the game.However, before the end of the game, she was the last player killed.

After the game, she wnet back to the TARDIS where the Doctors was. A little time later, Rangiku's earth was destroyed and the Spirit world's portal closed. Leaving Rangiku with now way back to her home.

Rangiku Is currently traveling with the Doctor.

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