Richard the Warlock


Alter Ego
Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness, Lord of the Thirteen Hells, Master of the Bones, Emperor of the Black, Lord of the Undead, Mayor of a Little Village Up the Coast, Lord of the Dance
Group Affiliations
Looking For Group
Base of Operations
A little village up the coast
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game XVIII
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
Regular player, Co-final boss
Powers and Abilities
Can survive seemingly fatal injuries (eg. having a hole in his chest), Vast resource of black magic to call upon
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General HistoryEdit

Richard the Warlock is just like you and me. He enjoys long walks in the park, days on the beach, and the sun up above. Though his favorite hobby is perhaps wholesome mass murder on a scale not witnessed before or since. He travels from town to town burning orphanages and slaughtering the elderly. But it's not his fault. Orphanages and the elderly just have an unnatural need to attack him, and it's all in self defence.

Recently, he became embroiled in adventure with Looking for Group, a team consisting of himself and many other beings from the fantasy MMORPG genre.

This version of the character was played by Hamboy.

Traitor Game XVIIIEdit

Richard's first Traitor Game appearance was in the Traitor Game XVIII. He jumped in a portal leading there with the promise of much slaughter. Upon arrival, his first action was to attempt to kill Death the Kid's weapon, Patty Thompson. He was unsuccessful, due to a distraction by The Tenth Doctor.

He was pleased upon Mojo's announcement that the Traitor Game would feature murder, but was rather unhappy that he was not one of those allowed to commit said murders. Still, as round one began and continued, Richard offered multiple times to kill Light Yagami anyway, who had spent his time annoying and threatening to use the Death Note on the players. Richard even used some of the pages from the Deathnote as toilet paper. He also accused Jaime Sommers of being the traitor in this round.

He would then go on to supremely annoy almost everyone with his evil ways, kicking Nexus (resulting in a rather large hole in his chest), and getting into a prolonged verbal spat with Kasuma the Shell Bullet. The latter would result in a Street Fighter style battle, in which Richard cheated, using interference from both Omi and Bat-Joker to win.

He also spent a prolonged amount of time tormenting the obsessive-compulsive Death the Kid, and badly injured Cyril O'Reily in a fight. He also set the Doctor's coat on fire.

Together, this all lead to him being wrongly suspected as a Traitor and voted out. In Murderworld (where the dead and banished were sent in this game), he slaughtered a whole theme park worth of tourists, singing a variant of Slaughter Your World as he did so. He also watched as Rangiku Matsumoto tried valiantly to battle the Wrecking Crew, joyfully ignoring her pleas for help.

Richard the Warlock: Final Boss BattleEdit

During his time in Murderworld, Traitor Mister B. Natural approached him, offering the power of music in exchange for help later. Richard agreed, and immediately used the power of music to torment Death the Kid further.

When the dead and banished rejoined the players at the end of the game, Mr B Natural, angry at being betrayed by his/her own traitorous comrades, revealed his inner evil before the players ready to do battle with, and destroy them. Richard stood by his side, ready to finally kill some of the players. They were soon joined by Mechagodzilla and Arcade, and the Traitor Game XVIII final boss battle was on.

Richard went on to kill most of the inactive players from the game, and faced up against Dani Moonstar. The mutant used her illusion creating powers to make the Warlock see his worst fear: him kindly helping a little old lady across the road. However, he was able to break out of the illusion. He was on the brink of defeating Dani, before he was stopped by none other than Emma Frost. She was joined by "The League of Liberated Ladies", a group of female super heroins including Isis, Wonder Woman and Jaime Sommers. They were, the with help of Wonder Pig, capable of defeating him, wrapping him in Wonder Pig's lasso whilst Isis removed his power to speak. Richard had been taken out of the boss battle.


During the closing credits of the Traitor Game XVIII, Richard could be seen still wrapped in Wonder Pigs lasso, alone at the battle ground long after being defeated. Making sure he was alone, he looked to one of the many scattered cameras, and pressed an amulet on his chest, returning to full power and promising to return to the Traitor Game.

Richard Kills the Traitor Game XVIIIEdit

In this alternate version of the Traitor Game, Richard single handily slaughtered every single other player in the Traitor Game, starting with Light Yagami. He went of to eat Rangiku Matsumoto, gaining her powers, which aided him in his task. He would go on to eventually kill everyone.

Before waking up. Richard was still sat, in the middle of the battlefield, wrapped in Wonder Pig's lasso. It had all been a dream.

A wonderful, wonderful dream.