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Superhuman strength, durability, speed, and flight granted by cyborg enhancements. Wields the Galadorian Universal Translator, Energy Analyzer, and Neutralizer.
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Rom is The Greatest of the Spaceknights tasked to protect the universe from the threat of the shape-stealing Dire Wraiths. Incredibly powerful and unwaveringly dedicated to his duty, the most noble warrior of Galador will do anything to defend every innocent life he can while eradicating the Wraiths. He was portrayed by Deadpooligan in Traitor Game 29.

Character HistoryEdit

General HistoryEdit

Traitor Game 29Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Plandanium Armor and Cybernetic Grafts that make Rom a Spaceknight at the cost of his humanity, gives him a myriad of abilities:

  • Super strength to lift roughly 15 tons and super speed enhancing his reaction time and combat prowess.
  • Super durability to withstand powerful Dire Wraith energy attacks, and strikes from even The Hulk and Wolverine.
  • Energy absorption and discharge with a touch, to maintain internal systems and generate repulsor fields.
  • Flight through the use of his rocket-pods attached to his back, in atmospheres, underwater, and outer space.

Rom employs the use of subspace storage to carry his arsenal:

  • The Universal Translator, allowing instant understanding of any spoken or written language, as well as gather information en masse from text or digital sources.
  • The Energy Analyzer, capable of revealing the true nature of shapeshifters and pierce illusions and disguises. It is also able of gathering information based on scans of the target's biology.
  • The Neutralizer, capable of negating or draining the flow of energy in a target, generating powerful concussive blasts, and banishing targets to Limbo.

When he was humanoid, Rom was also a gifted scholar and poet, traits he kept even after being stripped of his humanity.

Traitor TriviaEdit

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