Alter Ego
Walter Joseph Kovacs, "'Chach"
Group Affiliations
(formerly) The Crimebusters
Base of Operations
New York City
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TG IV - Traitor TG XIV - Agent
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Extremely ruthless, dedicated, and capable investigator and crimefighter. Efficient hand-to-hand combatant.
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Rorschach, formerly known as Walter Joseph Kovacs, is a remorselessly diligent vigilante driven to punish those who prey on the innocent. This slightly unhinged man works with his trademark brand of justice and is known to record his discoveries in a journal. He was portrayed by Deadpooligan in Traitor Game IV and all subsequent appearances.

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Rorschach made a cameo terrorizing Captain Carnage before the latter was transported into a Traitor Game. When Carnage returned moments before his grisly elevator shaft fate, he pleaded with the vigilante-detective, ranting about his experiences in the antimatter universe with other players and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. Rorschach initially dismissed the Captain's words as nonsense, but considered the veracity of it considering how specific he was. He released and spared Captain Carnage, offering the man a chance to change his ways. This takes place several years in Rorschach past, predating the events of Watchmen as well as Rorschach's own involvement in the Traitor Games.

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