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Dreadstar & Company
(Formerly) Freedom Fighters, Strontium Dogs
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Super-speed, telepathy/cybernetic telepathy
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For the Human Bomb, see Human Bomb.

Roy Lincoln is a character with a sordid and complex past, combining aspects from various works of fiction including works created or owned by 2000 A.D., DC comics, Marvel comics, John R. Dilworth, and Jim Starlin. He was a player in Traitor Game X: I'll Take Valhalla!, and has made appearances in relation to games since. He is the custom creation of and has always been portrayed by Joe Acro.

Character HistoryEdit


During World War II, Roy Lincoln was working on an explosive chemical they labeled "27-QRX". The Nazis learned of the experiment and sent men to retrieve the formula and research. In the ensuing raid, Roy's father was killed. Seeing no alternative to prevent its capture, Roy moved to ingest the chemical. Before he could, however, a lightning bolt went through the container holding the chemical and struck him. This forced him to drop the container. The Nazis were fast approaching, so, though in pain, he ran. The next thing he knew, he was miles from where he started. He had acquired super-speed.

Realizing that his home would likely be subjected to a harsh, thorough search and himself taken in for questioning, he decided to leave the country. In order to learn how to better use his abilities, he opted to travel to Tibet and visit the legendary Ancient One.

Tutelage In TibetEdit

Training there, he was taught a little bit in martial arts, but also how to focus his speed toward more than just running, such as accelerating his healing to heal his injured hands. He befriended a young man named Karl Mordo, who wished to become the greatest sorcerer on Earth. While the two were training on the outskirts of the property one day, Roy fell down a hille, through a hole, and into an ancient cave. He discovered a technologically advanced craft.

After Mordo got Roy out of the hole, Roy told him of what he had found. Mordo spends the next few days studying the craft. Roy found him just as Mordo accidentally roused the ancient mutant Apocalypse. Mordo bargained a deal with Apocalypse that involved killing the Ancient One. Roy rushed to the Ancient One's side to warn him, but the Ancient One already knew.

Subsequently, Apocalypse and the Ancient One battled. Roy convinced Mordo to work with him to better understand the ship in an effort to stop Apocalypse. The Ancient One defeated Apocalypse. In the aftermath, The Ancient One bequeathed to Roy the ship and the Orb of Agamotto for safekeeping. Roy kept the Orb in his possession for five years, only able to use it see current events or brief glimpses into the future.

World War IIEdit

With his powers, the ship, and the Orb, Roy decided to help out in the war effort. The war had given rise to super-powered heroes much like himself, each of which had their own codename. He chose to act under the name "The Flash". He joined up with the Freedom Fighters, under the leadership of Uncle Sam, the spirit of America.

Roy spent years in the war, on various missions, assisting in different ways. In one mission, Roy defeating the super-powered Nazi Baron Blitzkrieg. Eventually, Nazi Germany lost. Roy was present at the final siege against Adolf Hitler, in which he encountered a moment when time froze. The cause of this were two time travelers who had traveled back in time to grab Hitler and take him to their time to face justice for his crimes.


After the war, Roy returned to a place he found after leaving Tibet. This place was Nowhere, Kansas. He set up the ship in the middle of town. He soon learned that creepy stuff happens in Nowhere. Ancient threats, mystical oddities, zombies, demons, vampires, giant bugs, aliens, talking animals, etc. find their way to Nowhere. There, he met a woman about his age named Muriel. Due a fondness for her and her overall obliviousness to danger, he was forced to save her on many occasions.

While helping out in Nowhere, Roy also set up the ship to monitor the world for problems elsewhere. He would assist every so often, often meeting other heroes, sometimes even assisting the Freedom Fighters once more. On such missions is when he met other heroes, even visiting Asgard twice, and had to deal with Apocalypse in more than one instance, eventually defeating him permanently by feeding him his own power and overloading him. He also noticed that his speed and activity were causing him to use up a fair amount of energy, so he had the ship create a rejuvenation chamber, which he would sleep as necessary.

Strontium DogsEdit

At some during his adventures in Nowhere, Roy had his ship scan for the time signature matching that of the one he encountered in WWII. When it located one, Roy went to that location. He was caught in a time distortion left in the wake of the time travel and was carried many years into the future. He soon learned that at some point in the future, there had been an explosion of mutants when, for whatever reason, the heroes were no longer around. He also learned that this mutant explosion had led to the creation of the Strontium Dogs, a group of said mutants working as bounty hunters. The Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer had been responsible for the capture of Hitler in WWII. Roy and Johnny met at a bar and became fast friends. Roy joined his company and helped on several missions.

Eventually, Roy decided he wanted to try the quiet life for a while and settled on an inhabited planet. Johnny's part gift to him was a duplicate of the variable-cartridge gun he himself used. After a while on the planet, Roy tried to help fix a glitched transporter. In the process, he was flung once again into the future, but this time to a different galaxy.


Roy eventually materialized millions of years into the future on the planet Caldor in the Empirical Galaxy. He fell into a coma. He cared for by the local populace, which included one Vanth Dreadstar.

He finally awoke when the Monarchy, a far-reaching, space-faring empire ruled by politics and government, attacked Caldor. The survivors of the strike, including Dreadstar, the mystic Syzygy, and one of the resident cat-people named Oedi decided to take the fight to the Monarchy, a decision made out of vengeance. Roy stumbled upon them as they made this plan and Oedi decided that he should join.

Early on in his adventures with Dreadstar and Company, Roy learned that the Milky Way Galaxy, and Earth with it, was gone. Also early on, Syzygy discovered and unlocked Roy's long-latent telepathy. Roy served with the Company for many missions and many months, using his weapons, speed, and telepathy as needed.

While on one mission, on the run from forces of the religious empire called the Instrumentality, Dreadstar's Company crashed onto an unnamed planet. The Company split up and covered their tracks. The Instrumentality's team of super-powered individuals, led by the psychic Monalo, landed and proceeded to take the Company one by one. Willow and Roy were the last two remaining. Roy rushed to her aid in a jungle, only to find Monalo hot on her heels. In the rush, he somehow, somewhere dropped his journal. Roy confronted the psychic. At a point when Monalo reached directly into Roy's mind to shut his mind down, Roy was transported into Traitor Game X.

Traitor Game XEdit

Roy acquainted himself with his surroundings and a few of the players before sitting down to make a makeshift journal, which he would continue to update until the game's end. Here is a summary of important aspects of that game, in relation to him specifically:

  • Shortly after the death of George Clooney, he discovered he no longer had his telepathy.
  • He participated in the conflict with the Ding-a-Lings, trying to dispel them by giving them the food they wanted.
  • An alternate reality Apocalypse was present in the game as well. Roy expressed his distaste toward the mutant and condemned him and his actions at several points in the game.
  • Realizing he could potentially die, he at one point began dancing with Valkyrie, who resembled the Valkyrie he knew from his reality.
  • He refused to participate in Odin's fight against Hela over the fate of Middle-Earth.
  • He beat Thorpool in an arm-wrestling contest.
  • In the battle against Nazis from another universe, Roy fought against an enhanced version of Baron Blitzkrieg. Roy defeating him by using various items that were entering Asgard via dimensional portals, including Dreadstar's sword and the Power Gem; and with the assistance of Valkyrie and another Asgardian named Heimdall. Roy's final act in the fight was to steal as much speed from those around him, build up a long run, and hit the Baron with as much force as possible. This ended with he and the Baron falling off of Asgard into the unknown. Luckily for Roy, he was saved by someone on a winged steed (presumably Valkyrie herself).
  • He was one of the last players remaining, after voting out the last Traitor. He himself had no role for the duration of the game.
  • He left the game with his makeshift journal intact and wound up in a spaceport back in the Empirical Galaxy. Based on later evidence, it can be assumed he somehow regained his original journal.

Traitor Game XIVEdit

When Batman gathered up previous players into a containment area as part of his plan to destroy the Traitor Games, Roy was one of the players captured. Upon arrival, he first encountered Johnny Alpha, who did not recognize him. He soon met both Flash and the Human Bomb. In the midst of their introductions and discussing previous games, they were interrupted by the arrival of Apocalypse. After Roy had a brief confrontation therein, he returned to the others.

Soon enough, Batman was forced to hold his own Traitor Game. Some were removed from the containment area to participate in the game itself. While others, such as Roy, remained in confinement and could only look on.

At one point, he had a played a game of tag with Gin, which was really a short fight between the two.

Roy participated in the fight against Batman's Rogues, using his speed to strike as many enemies as possible.

When Apocalypse attacked everyone in the containment area, Roy lead the charge against him. Finally, when it was revealed that Joker was behind the entire game and attacked all those assembled, Roy gathered the Flash, the Human Bomb, and Johnny Alpha for a combined final assault. In that assault, he was killed by being thrust into a Batmobile. When he was revived along with everyone else, he could only laugh, finally kknowing that he could die. Shortly thereafter, he had a brief conversation with Johnny and then returned to his own reality.

Upon arriving at a satellite back in the Empirical Galaxy, Roy, realizing all the death and despair of reality, contemplated suicide. Thinking of Uncle Sam, he found a sort of hope, and set out to travel the Omniverse.

Traitor Game XVIIEdit

After the events of Game XIV, Roy was visited by the disembodied Spirit of America, Uncle Sam. Soon thereafter, Roy was inspired to traverse the Omniverse. He got permission from Dreadstar's Company to use a technology lab on the satellite. In three weeks, he created a Cosmic Treadmill, which he could use to travel across universes, dimensions, or time. Over the course of those three weeks, he discovered his telepathy returning and built a contraption to suit that as well. Just prior to finishing, however, he had an argument with Willow-327, who tried to convince him to stay. He explained that while building the treadmill, he saw glimpses of universes similar to theirs and noted that many of them end up the same, whether he was present or not. He failed to convince her to support him. She failed to dissuade him from his course. She left his presence noticeably upset.

He turned to the Spirit of America for guidance once more and realized he had its support. So, he finished the treadmill and ran off to another reality.

Roy first arrived at a desert on some alternate world. Once he realized that it was mostly desertous, he opted to find somewhere else to go. He pulled out a helmet he had fashion and scanned other realities using his telepathy. He discovered something to his liking fairly quickly. He was about to race off when he was approached by a Bamf, who had landed on the planet after the events of Traitor Game XVII. The Bamf merely wanted to find his friends in Team Rocket. Roy agreed to help him, but not before he examining the reality that caught his interest. The Bamf agreed. Roy put him on his shoulders and raced off.

The Bamf subsequently fell off in transit.

Traitor Game XIXEdit

Roy arrived at his destination, the underground fortress of Provident, who had participated in Traitor Game XIX days before. Roy had glimpsed worlds where Provident failed in his mission and wound up captured or dead. Roy located Provident through the use of his Omniverse-scanning telepathy helmet and merely wanted to see what fate was in store for a Provident affected a the Traitor Game.

Roy was surprised to find that Provident had accepted a Green Lantern ring, that he had given the heroes of his world narcolepsy, and that he had an escape plan. Believing the world would be worse off due to Provident's actions, Roy rushed to bring him to justice. However, Provident saw his attack coming and shot him in his legs and shoulders. Provident then stole the Cosmic Treadmill to go to another Earth, leaving Roy slightly crippled and with the fortress set to self-destruct in ten minutes.

Roy's fate is currently unknown.


For much of Traitor Game X, Roy referred to Karl, Agent of A.I.M., as Earl.

Through entries in his journal and commentary so far, it is known that a Wally West did exist in his reality, but not as Flash or Kid Flash.[1] There was a Moon Knight.[2] Asgard did exist, but was at one point permanently destroyed (presumably in relation to Ragnarok). There was not, however, a Green Lantern.[3]

Roy has read The Lord of the Rings.

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