Sean Connery
Alter Ego
Mysterious annoying voice
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Any traitor game
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Traitor Game XX
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Traitor Game XIX, XX, and XXI... temporarily
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RZ's yuppie couple
Powers and Abilities
™ / © Owner
Saturday Night Live

An annoying, unauthorized voice. First appeared replacing the Stuffy British Voice that was harassing Dover (and moved on to harassing the mall). During the events of XX, it began to annoy Immortus and the G-Man, at one point possessing G-Man's briefcase (and promptly being vaporized). Later re-appeared during the time-warp when Omniwave malfunctioned.

He appears to be based off the SNL version of Sean Connery, mocking other players in a similar fashion to what he did to Alex Trebek.

Slated to appear in another game... if RZ doesn't get banned again.

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