The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (UltraMantis Black, Crossbones, and Hydra)


Alter Ego
None. Of course these are their real names.
Angry Insect Evildoer (Mantis), Real-Life Heavyweight Horror (Crossbones), Self-Replicating Mini-Monster (Hydra)
Group Affiliations
Themselves. Formerly The Dark Breed (Mantis and Hydra) and Sweet & Sour International (Crossbones)
Base of Operations
The Sea of Capricorn
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
TGXX, 2nd Annual Traitor Game Awards Show
Traitor Game Rivals
Angel (Mantis), Dr. Evil (Mantis), Mojo Jojo (Mantis), okay actually pretty much everyone in the game (Mantis), Spawn (Crossbones), Mr. Satan (Hydra)
Traitor Game Roles
Powers and Abilities
Skilled pro wrestlers (all), super strength as long as it fits within the confines of the Rule of Funny (Hydra)

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