The Traitor Game Lost and Found is a special location created by the Powers That Be behind the Traitor Games.

When a Traitor Game comes to its conclusion, the participants tend to go their seperate ways and leave the setting of the game. Sometimes, they end up leaving a few items behind. The powers that be find these items, and store them in the Traitor Game Lost and Found.

During the prologue of Traitor Game XIV, Ukyo Kuonji stumbles upon the entrance of the Traitor Game Lost and Found. At the end, she receives a note stating that the powers that be have entrusted her and the elder Cologne to be the custodians of that world's branch of the Traitor Game Lost And Found.

Items Stored In the Traitor Game Lost and Found Edit

List coming soon!

Description Edit

Though it has been implied that other branches might exist, the only known location is in a mountain range not far from the Nerima, Japan of the Ranmaverse. Concealed within a cave, a metal door leads to a large metal room, about the size of a very large auditorium. It is filled with dozens of strange items, all placed there by the powers behind the Traitor Games. These items, of course, belong to previous Traitor Game participants.

Notes Edit

Only items that are more or less harmless are stored in the Traitor Game Lost and Found. Weapons or World-conquering MacGuffins are not to be stored there. Instead, novelty items like Miss Piggy's heart-shaped platform and so on are kept there. The custodians of the place may send messages via Interdimensional Mailbox, alerting the owners to the fact that the items have been found.

Means of returning the items to their owners, should they be not capable of dimensional travel, have not yet been specified. But rest assured, Chris Lang (the creator of the Traitor Game Lost and Found concept) will reveal such means when it becomes necessary.