Traitor Game VI: Back to Basics was hosted by The Purple Skull, and set in Castle Doom. The game scenario comes about as a consequence of events in the previous Traitor Game, in which Dr. Doom acquired the Official High Energy Plutonium Powered 500 Blast Radial Precision Continuum Transfunctioner (praise The Purple Skull for that long and awesome name), and began to expand his world-conquering ambitions to other universes. The Living Tribunal, realizing Doom has become too dangerous, summoned people from each of the universes Doom was invading, and placed them in a Traitor Game.

So to save their worlds (and the rest of the multiverse) from being completely taken over by Doom, the players had to find the Traitors in their midst (referred to as the 'Doom Squad'). Two of them were 'Agents' (aka 'Secret Avengers', the name inspired by a certain Marvel 'event' story that showed war isn't really civil). There was also a Vigilante, but he didn't really do anything.

This Traitor Game was the first to feature a 'first kill' NPC, an NPC chosen to be the first victim. This allowed all the player characters a chance to participate in the first round voting (ironically, in this game, a lot of players didn't vote in the first round). The first kill NPC this time around was Batman, who had been played in three prior Traitor Games (each by a different player) and been killed every time. Batman's crazy 'deaths' in these scenarios became something of a running gag, but eventually became a plot point to be resolved in a later game.

This was also the first Traitor Game to feature a 'battle exercise', where the characters get a chance to show off their powers and/or fighting skills against NPC antagonists (in this case, an army of Doombots). Each character took his or her own approach to incapacitating the Doombots. Ukyo used her special cooking-based fighting style to take out a great many, Dr. Strange used sorcery, Jade Curtiss used electricity, and Prez Rickard pacified a few by getting them to sing 60's 'peace and love' songs.

Because of the use of battle exercises and an NPC kill, Traitor Game VI is often cited as a major factor in developing a basic outline for future games. It is also notable for featuring Character Prologues, as well as Epilogues and a concrete plot, all of which have become common standbys in each game following it.

Though marred by the inactivity of a few players, the game had just about everything. Laughter, tears, drama, hope, and some weirdness. It all led to an incredible final round, with a dramatic 'last Traitor' revelation.

Traitor Game VI is the Second Act of the Dr. Doom Traitor Game Trilogy.

Cast of Player Characters Edit

  • Dr. Doom (HOST) - The Purple Skull
  • Captain America - Superheroic
  • Mantis - tangentman
  • Meowth - Schornforce
  • Ukyo Kuonji - Chris Lang
  • Beta Ray Bill - Deadpooligan
  • Prez Rickard - Indigo Al
  • Dr. Strange - Joe Acro
  • Jeff-E - Jeff-E
  • Columbo - moonknight2099
  • Jade Curtiss - Anthony Johanson
  • Moon Knight - Weirdopky
  • The Undertaker - Eternal Torment
  • Spider-Man - Pheonix-NoRelation
  • Darth Vader - darkkeeperjr
  • The Shrike - Crimson King
  • Kenshiro - Chou Blaster
  • Dante - kain5252
  • Wolverine - Sophisticated_Gamer
  • James Bond - BYC
  • Luffy - Spidey-kid1
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto - Guy1
  • Hulk ('classic' Hulk) - Kholdhearted

and ... Chris Jericho - Young Avenger, Power Girl - Legato, Arthur Dent - GrimShadow, The Monarch - Nomad

Special 'first victim' NPC: Batman (Because it was recognized at this point that 'Batman always gets killed' was becoming a running gag at this point)

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