Traitor Game XV: Who Succeeds at the End of Time? was hosted by Joe Acro. The Time Trapper summoned an eclectic group of characters to the End of Time. He is soon to die, and, he claims, he needs an heir.

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The Cast! Edit

Joe Acro - Host (Time Trapper, The Legion of Super-Heroes - DC)

  • Duke Phillips w/ Jay Sherman (The Critic)--The Purple Skull
  • Eneru (One Piece)--Kevin M.
  • Homer Simpson (The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror V)--Overmaster
  • The Master (Doctor Who, Series 3)--hamboy
  • K9999 and Angel (King of Fighters)--Jeremi
  • Hank J. Wimbledon (Madness Combat)--Radioactive Zombie
  • Gorgeous George (Marvel, X-Factor)--Josef F.
  • Mon-El (DC, Legion of Super-Heroes)--Froggy
  • Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)--Schornforce
  • Luke Atmey (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations)--GoGo Yubari
  • Ben Linus (Lost)--jobies201
  • Batman (Batman Beyond)--KingofPie
  • Gabrielle (Xena)--Chris Lang
  • Shiro Kanzaki (Kamen Rider Ryuki)--KamenRaida
  • Maxwell Smart/Agent 86 (Get Smart)--darkkeeperjr
  • Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt (Life on Mars)--Cthulhudrew
  • Denny Crane w/ Alan Shore (Boston Legal)--Donald M.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger--Masterbasset
  • Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Gift")--tangentman
  • Chronos (Justice League Unlimited, "The Once and Future Thing")--Deadpooligan
  • Samaritan (Astro City)--Indigo Al
  • Hourman II/Amazo (DC, DC 1,000,000)--Superheroic
  • Clark Kent (DC, Superman)--BYC
  • Starscream w/ Megatron in gun form (The Transformers)--DoctorDoom (Traitors)
  • Roger Smith w/ Big O and Dorothy (Big O)--Knight Lancer
  • Kharn the Betrayer (Warhammer 40,000, Chaos Space Marines)--Crimson King (Agent)
  • Ash Williams (Evil Dead)--Misanthrope Prime
  • Phillip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler creation, various *sources)--boshobosho

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