Traitor Game: The Edge of Madness by Overmaster

Premise: Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane has new inmates. Brought from beyond the boundaries of the dimensions by a strange force that has taken over the asylum, you, as one of them, wake up in a padded cell with little to no memories of how did you arrive there or why were you brought in.

You are brought to the director of the madhouse, Doctor Jeremiah Arkham, who explains part of the situation to you... the part he knows about, at least. No one can enter or leave the asylum anymore. The mystical force that brought you and your current partners in misfortune has also insolated the place away from the rest of the world...

And then the killings start. No one is safe. No one can escape until everyone is dead... or until the conditions of a demented game of wits are satisfied. Welcome to the edge of madness. We hope you are not pushed beyond it.

Further details are still subjected to consideration, but Two-Face will definitely act as the Inquisitor, and the Joker will have a major NPC role as well. Do not expect Batman to be a major presence in the Game, however, unless, of course, any of you chooses to play some version of the Dark Knight.

Roles & Rules Three Traitors, Two Agents, One Vigilante. The vigilante acts alone. Standard rules.

Character Requirements You don't have to be crazy to play this game, but it helps! You can choose any character you want, but those who choose an insane character will get a secret added bonus. Otherwise, your character will be someone 'unfairly imprisoned'.

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