TRAITOR GAME: CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS!! by Cthulhudrew & Superheroic

Premise The Elder of the Universe and interstellar gambler known as The Grandmaster, decides it is finally time to host his own Traitor Game. Challenging the nearly-omnipotent alien Krona, the Grandmaster brings his own inimitable twist to the game; (see below)

Roles & Rules Two teams, in competition against the other. Each host has his own Traitors and Agents hidden on the opposing side. There is no Vigilante.

Each round, the Traitors kill someone from the opposing team, while the Agents get to try and guess at the Traitors’ identities. (Agents of opposing teams do not work together). Fortunately, characters may get a chance to gain immunity through contests.

Contests: Each round, one or more players from each team will be selected by the Grandmaster and Krona and compete against each other in a Contest of Champions. The winners of the contest gain immunity from killing/banishment for that round.

Character Requirements The characters must be either DC or Marvel characters (that includes movies, tv shows, cartoons, Amalgam, comics; even brands like Epic, Vertigo, Wildstorm, Malibu).

NOTE: This Traitor Game has been in 'Development Hell' for quite some time. Superheroic has since formally announced his official retirement from the Traitor Games, and Cthulhudrew has not found the time to host this scenario. In addition, the Grandmaster (or at least someone appearing to be the Grandmaster) was one of the hosts of Traitor Game: Deadly Reunion. It is not known when or if this scenario will ever be used.

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