Traitor Game: Welcome To My Nightmare! by Ben Morgan & Cthulhudrew

Growing tired of being stuck in the Dreamworld, Freddy Kreuger starts contemplating his escape. He deduces that in order to enter Earth, where his powers would grow even further, he would need to find a suitable host to possess, someone with supernatural powers rivaling his own. Freddy finally finds someone worthy of being his host: The Undertaker. From the Dreamworld, Freddy takes control of Undertaker, but in the act of leaving dream world, he accidentally opens up a portal that lets a powerful demon out called Nightmare. Unable to kill him on his own, Freddy uses Undertaker's memories to discover something called the traitor game, and decides to host a game between him and Nightmare, thinking it will be the only way to kill Nightmare. Now, Freddy uses his powers to bring together all the players, setting the stage for the game.

Roles & Rules Three Traitors, two Agents, one Vigilante (allied with the Agents).

Standard Rules. 1-100 number guess Dueling and Plops will be featured.

Character Requirements There won't be a requirement, but players are highly encouraged to play as someone halloween-related.

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