As World War II rages on a parallel earth with no superheroes, a triumvirate of Per Degaton, Ingrid Weiss and an as yet to be determined Marvel Golden Age baddie (suggestions welcome) arrive, and are going to use the power granted to them by the Spear of Destiny to establish their own regimes. (Ingrid obviously wants to have a satellite of the Third Reich; the others aren't Nazis; but they're all plotting behind the others' backs!).

The Spectre catches wind of all this, and, due to the triumverate's possession of the Spear of Destiny, can't act directly to stop them. His only option is - you guessed it - a Traitor Game. He enlists the help of Giovanni Zatara to manage the All-Star Squadron (or alternatively, the All-Winners Squad - the Agents) and the Unknown Soldier (the Vigilante - if anyone wants to actually play the Unknown Soldier I will change the moniker for the Vigilante). The triumverate will have their Axis Roses (if anyone can suggest another name for Traitors I am open)

Potential settings: The World's Fair, an undisclosed location inside Nazi Germany, an island in the Pacific - suggestions welcome

And requirements

Character that was created between 1914 and 1959
Character that has appeared in a story between 1914 and 1959
An original character from the time period (Froggy is spinning off his creation from Custom Made for Calamity) Or you can take a modern character and reimagine them as a Golden Age character.

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