The Empire is teetering on bankruptcy. Open rebellion is sweeping through every star system. What is an iron fisted Emperor to do? Well the Emperor (of Star Wars fame) is going to bring together experts from all fields (technology, business, government, mysticism) and rebuild the empire, better, stronger, and more powerful.

Unfortunately for him there is a rival power in space. A new empire, a new way of looking at things. And they will strike out at the Emperor's panel of experts, making sure the Empire has no hope to continue...

This game will be heavy on the space opera. Expect worlds to die, massive space battles, and occasionally jokes about government bureaucracy.

Roles & RulesEdit

Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guard: The Agents, there will be three of them. The Mutineers: The traitors, also three.

There will be no vigilante. We will be using plops. But other than that, standard rules.

Character ReguirementsEdit

There is no character requirement (there's an in game reason for that).


  • Traitor Game 29 was originally titled Traitor Game: Where in the Multiverse is Carmen Sandiego? and was to be hosted by DoctorDoom & Cthulhudrew. Due to a turn of events involving DoctorDoom (which resulted in DoctorDoom's being banned from the CBR forums), the game was scrapped and Tommy's ...In SPACE! was moved in its place.

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