Premise The traitor game comes in many, many variations. Most of them are intended, cross-dimensional crisises where the fate of its players, hosts, and sometimes the areas hang on a death and vote. Here, it's survival.

San Serimo is the perfect tourist destination - a picaresque island that seems to take the best from every little travel destination, with its clear waters and bustling infrastructure, where millions have visited and lived. Other than its huge tourism industry, it is also the heart of a tax heaven, a friend to massive corporations who provide untold dollars to the government in exchange to be away from prying eyes and regulations.

Naturally, several of its many customers are bio-engineering companies. They all vary - Hybra, Umbrella, NecroTech, Goldman Industries, you name it - and have contributed the most in "special interest funds", in turn, given land to build research facilities. Special projects for super soldiers, re-engineering bodies, bio-weaponry, immortality, you name it, goes on in these facilities.

One day, the locale police are called to multiple "security breaches" at several of these facilities, while mayors and the president assure citizens it's just an escalation of security. Six hours later, the lines are tied with reports of missing persons and sudden riots. Twenty-four hours later, the glistening beaches and dense rainforests are permeated by the walking dead, accompanied with festering mutants and biological weapons. The last living survivors have gathered at San Serimo's capital, hoping and waiting, huddling around radios and televisions hoping to catch a glimpse of any hope of rescue.

It comes in the form of a repeated, monotone message: MAKE YOUR WAY TO DECAPLITO HARBOR FOR PICKUP. YOU HAVE TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS TO EVACUATE. The harbor's on the other side of the island, a city full of the undead standing in the survivors' way. To make matters worse, three corporate spies lurk, with orders to make sure no witnesses of any sort ever leave the island...

Roles & Rules Now, for the part that hopefully makes a modicum of sense. There will be no plops. I can't think of a good system to use, it originally involved essential items for survival, like medikits or weaponry.

There are no Agents. There will be three Spies that are... well, the traitors. There will be one Infected, who will act as the Vigilante.

Voting comes in rounds, and it starts and ends when a round does. Every round is marked by the players moving towards the harbor, after zombie attacks or boss fights. Those who are "voted out" are forcibly restrained by the angry mob of players, and searched. If incriminating evidence like corporate ID, murder weapons, a link to the big bad, whatever (it'll be left up to the player's imagination, for flavor) is found, the fate of the Spy is left up to the players. Innocents voted out are also left up to the player's discretion.

Crescendo Events will come up frequently (probably every other round, unless I'm struck deaf or my computer explodes), where zombies attack the players' position, or a Boss (ripped off from other zombie video games).

Now, for the supernatural twist. Due to a copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis sitting in a library of records nearby, hapless random people (read: the dead players) are sucked into another dimension.

Specifically, the beginning of the Army of Darkness. [Yes. Seriously.]

Character Requirements It's highly encouraged that you play as a human character that had something to do with the undead, biological or otherwise. However - all supernatural aspects are removed, and their only history of zombies is from what media they've seen before the outbreak (for example: Ash Williams has no clue what the Necronomicon is and never had his hand possessed).

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