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Shortly before the events of the Negation: Prequel, Charon, God-Emperor of the Negation Imperium, received an anonymous DVD depicting what transpired in TG VI. Looking to restore order to the Omniverse, Charon decides to host his own Traitor Game to gather intelligence about the beings from those Universes.

The Plop ThickensEdit

Months after receiving the disc, Charon is about to summon likely Players to start his Traitor Game when he stopped by the Powers that Preside over the Traitor Games. There are three distinct Powers which inform Charon that while he is the next designated Host they choose the Contestants and Opposition.

Charon learns that one of his own Lawbringers, BLYQ, will serve as the Agent Host. Charon warns BLYQ that regardless of the outcome of this game, he will no longer protect him. After the roster of Players is set, Charon selects those who will act as his Traitors while BLYQ selects the Agents. Unbeknownst to either Host, one Player was selected as the Vigilante by one of the Powers that Preside, Charon's own nemesis, Apollyon.


  • Traitors = Lawbringers
  • Agents = Resistance
  • Vigilante = Adversary

To read the full game scenario visit here.


Traitor Game XI is set on an unnamed Planet within the Negation Universe. It has peculiar properties which allow the Dead to come back as ghosts.


Traitor Game XI is known for two Traitor Game innovations:

  1. The Plop
  2. The Arena

The PlopEdit

For the first time in a Traitor Game a Game Mechanic was introduced called The Plop. The Plop was used as a means to encourage participation in the game in the hopes of decreasing Inactive Players.
Plot Points are events or situations that move the story forward. In the Traitor Game, Plops are descriptive posts which move the game forward. Plops allow Characters to affect the outcome of the game in varying ways. This gives players a reason to post other than just to vote. It allows them to actively participate in almost all aspects of the game.
Earning Plops

Plops can only be earned through role-playing. Role-playing is defined as making posts other than voting posts and interacting with the other players somehow. However it is possible to earn a Plop with a voting post or even an Out of Character (OOC) post.
How Plops are Awarded
The first way Plops are awarded is at the Host’s discretion. Any time a Player makes a post that the Host considers to be worthwhile, the Host can award a Plop to the Player’s character.
The second way is to be nominated by other Players.
Plop Uses
Plops can be used in various ways. It is up to the Host(s) to define what their mechanic will be at the start of the game.

The ArenaEdit

Many Traitor Games boast mini-games or fight sequences to showcase what a Player's Character can do or as a diversion between Rounds. In Traitor Game XI, Charon sets up an Arena on the Planet. This is where the banished Players were sent to, forced to fight opponents of Charon's choosing. Dead characters were allowed to participate in the Arena by spending a Plop. Ostensibly, this was all done so Charon could gather intelligence about a Character's powers.

Player ListEdit

  • Space Ghost (Space Ghost:Coast to Coast) - Deadpooligan
  • Captain Marvel (DC) - darkkeeperjr
  • Nikki/Jessica Sanders (Heroes) - Tommy
  • Denny Crane and Alan Shore (Boston Legal) - Donald M.
  • Bionic Bigfoot (Six-Million Dollar Man) - Indigo Al
  • Weisinger-era 'Superdick' Superman (DC) - The Purple Skull
  • Kamen Rider Hopper Punch & Kick (Kamen Rider Kabuto) - KamenRaida
  • Lobo (Bride of the Monster) - Albert
  • Shockwave (The Transformers/TV) - bigboi2
  • Saito Hajime (Rurouni Kenshin) - Eternal Torment
  • Lynda Carter Wonder Woman (DC/TV) - tangentman
  • Severus Snape (Harry Potter) - Schornforce
  • Morph (Marvel) - Froggy
  • Connor MacLeod (Highlander) - Motormouse
  • Mibu Kyoshiro (Samurai Deeper Kyo) - Crimson King
  • Darkseid (DC) - Jermyn
  • Plastic Man (DC) - God_of_Awesome
  • Dib (Invader Zim) - GoGo Yubari
  • Negi Springfield (Maho Sensei Negima) - OverMaster
  • Tia Dalma (Pirates of the Carribbean) - mrcelophane
  • Dr. McNinja (Dr. McNinja Webcomic) - Lord of Nonsensical Crap
  • Rogue (Marvel) - Chris Lang
  • Iron Man (Marvel) NPC - Superheroic

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