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Traitor Game XVI was a sequel to the "Traitor Game Awards Show"; more specifically, to the "catfight" ended by Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. In the Awards thread, Project Runway host, Heidi Klum, hogged the women's restroom. Chaos ensues as many of the ladies in attendance start fighting. Particularly irksome was the gasoline thrown on the fire by Hela & Evinlea, who encouraged the violence. The classic TV version of Wonder Woman ended the fight with the aid of Donna Troy. Under the power of the Magic Lasso, the errant goddesses were compelled to behave themselves for the rest of the ceremony.

Sometime later, Evinlea still harbors a grudge over the AU Wonder Woman's actions. She vows to travel to the DC Universe and destroy Wonder Woman. Accompanied by a cadre of "Lawbringers", Evinlea prepares to strike. Meanwhile, the empathic Raven receives a premonition of Evinlea's invasion and warns Donna Troy. Taking her closest and most powerful friends, Donna intercepts Evinlea.

The goddesses engage in a brutal fight, with Evinlea gaining the upper hand. During the brawl, Evinlea accidentally discovers one of the Anti-Monitor's tuning forks. Despite Donna's frantic warning, Evinlea activates the device...and destroys the "52" Universe. Donna & Evinlea gain consciousness in a hellish dimension outside space & time. Apollyon, an omnipotent antagonist familiar to Evinlea, claims partial responsibility for the Traitor Games. He offers the women a chance to resolve their feud through a Traitor Game.

Begrudgingly, Donna & Evinlea agree to host the latest game in the series. However, Donna does so only on the condition that they forego the inclusion of a "Vigilante", demanding instead an unprecedented third "Agent"--in this case, a "Titan" to oppose Evinlea's "Lawbringers". The stakes are high indeed--if Evinlea wins, the DCU is hers to do with as she will; if Donna wins, Evinlea must abandon her feud with the Wonder Woman Family and leave the DCU, never to return. Donna chooses her "Titans", while Evinlea's "Lawbringers" possess three unwitting pawns to do her dirty work.


Donna Troy (DC's Titans/Wonder Woman Family) & Evinlea (Crossgen's Negation)

Good, Evil, and... those guys in between Edit


Player Poster from TGXVI: Whom the Gods Would Destroy!

  • Orion (DC's New Gods, played by Froggy)
  • Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion, played by DoctorDoom) (Agent)
  • The Undertaker (TV wrestling, Chaos Comics, played by Ben Morgan)
  • Talon (Primal Rage, played by Radioactive Zombie) (Agent)
  • Pip the Troll (Marvel's Infinity Watch/Adam Warlock stories, played by Joe Acro) (Traitor)
  • Hank Henshaw (DC's Superman family, played by Deadpooligan)
  • The Cobweb (ABC comics) and Raven (DC's Teen Titans,NPC, played by Indigo Al)
  • Doom 2099 (Marvel series, played by Just A Shadow)
  • The Anti-Monitor (DC's Crisis On Infinite Earths, played by Jermyn)
  • Prince Corwin of Amber (Chronicles of Amber novels, played by Cthulhudrew)
  • Lorne (Angel the TV series, played by Jeremi)
  • Awesome X (Frisky Dingo, played by Josh M)
  • Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion, played by OverMaster) (Agent)
  • Wolverine (Do I really need to explain? :p;), played by hamboy)
  • Phantom Girl (Pre-Crisis Legion of Superheroes, played by Chris Lang) (Traitor)
  • May (Guilty Gear, played by Knight Lancer)
  • Promethea (ABC series, played by Tommy)
  • Reed Richards (Marvel's Fantastic Four, played by jobies201) (Traitor)
  • Paris Hilton (if you don't know, you're living in the Stone Age, played by Masterbasset)
  • Raoh (Fist of The North Star, played by KingofPie)
  • Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena, played by Aggie)
  • Dr. Bones McCoy (Star Trek film, played by darkkeeperjr)
  • Samurai Jack (Cartoon Network series, played by The Sharpshooter)
  • First Blood NPC - Marcus Fenix (Gears of War, played by Superheroic)

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