Someone has laid claim to the planet of Eternia. Per Fundamental Force rules, a Traitor Game is used to settle the issue of ownership. So, people get ripped out of their dimensions to be brutally slain, natch.

From Doc Orpheus' base to a beach in Mexico, players... sit and talk. And kill each other.

Short account of the first fourty (one) pages here.

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Alternate poster for TG XVII

Tommy as your fabulous host! - The Sorceress, Doc Orpheus, Dr. Girlfriend

  • Ben Morgan as... CLIFF HUXTABLE
  • Just a Shadow as... SPIDER-MAN (Vigilante)
  • KingofPie as... WASPINATOR
  • Joe Acro as BAMF
  • Froggy as MR. RICHFIELD
  • Hamboy as PUPPETMON (Traitor)
  • KamenRaida as WILE E. COYOTE
  • Deadpooligan as INSPECTOR GADGET (Traitor)
  • Radioactive Zombie as ED, EDD, AND EDDY (Traitors)
  • Schornforce as TEAM ROCKET
  • jobies201 as THE PUNISHER
  • Kevin M. as TAZ
  • Chris Lang as FIRESTAR
  • Donald M. as GOOFUS & GALLANT
  • Jeremi as PANTHRO (Agent)
  • DoctorDoom as STEPHEN LYNCH
  • OverMaster as TIMON AND PUMBAA
  • Knight Lancer as WHEELER
  • Masterbasset as LUXORD
  • darkkeeperjr as JEANNIE
  • TangentMan as JAN MARVEL (Agent)
  • Cthulhudrew as Marvin the Paranoid Android
  • IronStarks as IRONMAN
  • Gogo Yubari as Señor Senior, Jr. AND Shego
  • Superheroic as THE JUSTICE LORDS
  • BoosterBronze as ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN
  • Josh M. as DALE GRIBBLE

First Blood NPC - Zac Effron

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