And now the conclusion of the Traitor Game Essentials Re-presentation of Traitor Game V: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Traitor. It's here where we have the final epilogues for this Traitor Game.

Weirdopky 01-04-2007 05:20 AM

[QUOTE=The Purple Skull;4193953][COLOR="Indigo"]Donald! It has been weeks now! I must know! Who stole my teleportation device?!?![/COLOR]

RW's Assistant, Donald: Beats me sir.

[COLOR="Indigo"]And I hired you as my assistant because?[/COLOR]

Donald: Because I'm your nephew, your sister would kill you if you didn't give me the job.

[COLOR="Indigo"]::grumbles:: Yes, I forgot about that.[/COLOR]

Donald: Ah nepotism. Gotta love it! Wait a minute sir. I forgot to show you this note I got earlier. It is from that nice old lady, Cologne.

The Rogue Watcher reads the note, and soon crumples it up.

[COLOR="Indigo"]How in the hell did Moon freakin' Knight take my teleportation device?!?!?!?! That is the absolute last time I give a a tour of my base to a schizo![/COLOR]

OOC: It seems Moon Knight wasn't working for the Rogue Watcher after all. What a twist! :)[/QUOTE]

Hilarious, man. Gotta love it.

Chris Lang 01-05-2007 10:23 AM

[QUOTE=Indigo Al;4194661]Thanks! And because of your portrayal of Cologne, I may actually check out Ranma 1/2.[/QUOTE]

OOC: Well, I think you'll find that the Cologne of the game comes from a period where she might have mellowed just a bit from her first few appearances in Ranma 1/2. But anyway, I chose Cologne as my character for several reasons.

One, I wanted there to be another female character in the game. Another, I wanted a character who could easily work as both one of the 'renegade elves' or one of the people trying to catch the traitors. Since Cologne was an antagonist of sorts when first introduced (and still is in some fanfics), and then an important source of information and/or new techniques (but still wanting Ranma to marry Shampoo), she could work in just about any of the game's roles.

I thought Cologne would also work well as the voice of experience, especially as she never struck me as one to sugarcoat things. So that's pretty much how I played her. I had more fun playing the wise elder than I thought I would.

I might have one or two more 'epilogue' notes featuring Cologne and/or her letters, but then I'll give her a break for a long while. Will we see Cologne in the next Traitor Game if I participate? Maybe, but it might be as a non-player character. As much as I enjoyed playing Cologne, I might want to go with a younger character next time.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Jeff-E 01-05-2007 05:10 PM

I'm hoping for the low tech game, I've got an interesting idea for it.

Chris Lang 01-05-2007 07:58 PM

Some time after Cologne had returned to her home universe, the following letter arrived at the Nekohanten. Cologne noted the lack of a return address. Instead, all that was written in the upper left hand corner was E-C Bunny, E-Y.

Cologne knew immediately who the letter was from. She began reading it:


As you've probably guessed, this is the Easter Bunny. I've taken charge of the workshop, but as I write this, I'm getting ready to go to the big public memorial service for Santa Claus. Mrs. Claus, the elves, and I have worked out a good cover story. That Weird Al Yankovic song on that CD you found in the workshop gave us some good ideas, especially since it's so similiar to what actually happened.

It might interest you to know that your friend Onslaught blasted Archie's brain, and in doing so, shocked the young man back to his senses. Afterward, he genuinely felt bad over what he had done. Soon after, the Quantum Bands' rightful owner showed up to reclaim them from Archie, and he sent Archie home. If what I saw on Santa's interdimensional monitors is correct, Archie now believes this whole experience was just a crazy dream. So he's back to normal now, and back in Riverdale. Don't lose any sleep over him.

By the way, he dropped that letter you had given him on the floor while he was being pursued. So he didn't take it with him and he never read it. I think you'll agree it's probably for the best. He'll be better off without anything to tell him it wasn't a dream.

Most of your companions have gone home now. Eric Cartman seems to be sticking around for some reason. This surprised me. Like you and most of the others, I thought he'd be one of the first to leave. I thought he'd say "Screw you guys, I'm going home" and then teleport back to South Park.

I've seen the way he's looking at the workshop. I think I might actually let him have the workshop. Santa Claus may have run the operation from the North Pole, but I can run it from anywhere I want. Some of his elves who I retained want a change of scenery, anyway. So they'll be going with me to the new workshop, which is in an enchanted forest in Ireland.

By the way, as the Christmas Bunny, I'm not just hiring elves to help me. I'm also hiring dwarfs, gnomes, pixies, and leprechauns. Like me, these guys are tired of only working the spring holidays and would love to move up to the big leagues. Some of the elves are staying behind at the North Pole with Cartman. I think Cartman can help me, too, in his own way. Having another fat guy in a red costume be one of the new 'managers' might help ease the transition.

Say hello to the Easter Bunny of your Earth for me. And if you can, try to help the Santa Claus of your world. It's not too late to save him from going crazy. It's up to you whether or not to tell him what happened to his Earth Y counterpart, though.

I have to go. I have a big eulogy to give at Santa's funeral. I wish you a Happy New Year!

Signed, the Easter Bunny aka the Christmas Bunny[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

Cologne thought for a while after reading the note. It appeared that Archie had been cured of the madness the insane Santa Claus had caused in him. She wondered about the Flash. Would it be best if Wally West be made to forget about the horrible deeds he had done as one of the renegade elves? She trusted, however, that if Onslaught had not also shocked the Flash back to his senses, the future Donna (who appeared to come from the same time and universe as Wally West) would help her friend get through this.

Cologne was not sure what to make of Cartman's takeover of Santa's former workshop. [I]That boy did seem to be a strange one[/I], Cologne thought to herself.

However, Cologne had better things to do at the moment than speculate on Cartman's motives. There was her great-granddaughter Shampoo to consider. At the moment, it seemed almost certain that Ranma Saotome was going to marry Akane Tendo, despite Cologne and Shampoo's efforts to steer him in Shampoo's direction. If this were to happen, Shampoo would need Cologne's guidance. It was doubtful Shampoo would be able to figure out what to do next on her own.

Cologne also knew that she would probably have to warn Shampoo, Mousse, Ranma, Akane, Ryoga, and nearly everyone else she knew about the Traitor Games. If she could be made to participate in one, so could they.

The Traitor Games would continue, she was sure of it. She would probably not be a part of the next one. She hoped that whoever got chosen for the next Traitor Game would be up to the task of finding the traitors and surviving whatever else their host had in store for them...

Chris Lang 01-11-2007 09:59 AM

OOC: Well, I don't know if I'll participate in the next one, or which character I'll play. But I thought I'd leave one last note here...


It had been three days since Cologne had returned to Nerima. Last night, she had gathered together nearly everyone she knew in Nerima to discuss the Traitor Game. Shampoo and Mousse were there, of course. Also present was Ranma Saotome and his father Genma, the entire Tendo family, Ukyo Kuonji, and Ryoga Hibiki.

Cologne had noted that their being picked to be a part of a future Traitor Game may or may not happen, but it was best for them to be warned about it anyway. She had given each of them copies of the journal she had written about her experience. Some of them did not appear to believe her at first, but she believed most of them knew she was serious about this, and had not lost her marbles.

Cologne knew now that she had to make a trip back to the Joketsuzoku village in China. The Chinese Amazons had to be warned about everything that could endanger them. In the meantime, Shampoo and Mousse could run the Nekohanten as they always did when Cologne was away.

It would be a long trip, but Cologne had some reading material to pass the time. In her bag were several of what the Americans referred to as 'trade paperbacks'. There was a copy of 'GLA: Misassembled', a few Archie digests, and a copy of 'Who Is Donna Troy?'. All those had arrived just this morning after Cologne had ordered them from The fact that the site was run by old acquaintances had helped speed up delivery of some of her purchases.

Cologne wondered how much the stories written would match those of the people she had met in the game. She also wondered just who the next Traitor Game's host would be, and who would be picked next...

Meanwhile, back on Earth Y

The Easter Bunny had returned from that world's memorial service of Santa Claus. Now he watched as a number of elves loaded two horse-drawn carriages with items they had packed. The elves who had chosen to go with the Easter Bunny to the new workshop had packed just about everything, and it would be time to go soon. Cartman and the remaining elves could continue to run the old workshop at the North Pole.

One of the elves spoke to the Easter Bunny. "So you went with the story in that song?"

"[COLOR="Teal"]Almost.[/COLOR]" said the Easter Bunny. "[COLOR="Teal"]I went with the story about Santa grinding up Rudolph. Rudolph was a hero to misfits all over the world. It's best that they don't know how twisted he became. So he's just another victim in the 'official story'.[/COLOR]"

"And what of Santa?"

"[COLOR="Teal"]That Weird Al Yankovic of Earth Whatever got many of the details right, but that last verse was a bit...inaccurate. He did write an alternate verse, which is closer to what happened...[/COLOR]"

The Easter Bunny took out a CD player, and the verse played as follows...

"Yes Virginia, now Santa Claus is dead A guy from the SWAT team blew a hole through his head Yes little friend now, that's his brains on the floor Guess you won't have the fat guy to kick around anymore!"

The elf nodded. "It works. Fits in with the story."

There was a pause. Finally, the elf broke the silence with a question that had been on everyone's mind.

"You're not going to go crazy and host one of those Traitor Games yourself, are you?"

The Easter Bunny just laughed and said, "[COLOR="Teal"]No, no. I'm not really mad at anyone...and I don't really see myself hosting one of those things just for kicks, either. But I got a note last night saying lots of people are competing for the priviledge of hosting the next one. You should have seen the contenders. There was Odin the Norse God and his rival Hela, there was some relative of Jabba the Hutt, and there was some mysterious supernatural being. Even Dr. Doom wanted to give it a try.[/COLOR]"

"[COLOR="Teal"]I think the voting is closed, so I couldn't host the next one even if I wanted to. But that's okay. I'm not really angry at anyone... [/COLOR]" The Easter Bunny then grimaced. "[COLOR="Teal"]...except for Linus van Pelt.[/COLOR]"

"Linus van Pelt?"

"[COLOR="Teal"]Yeah, he wrote a letter to the Great Pumpkin that went something like this. 'Dear Great Pumpkin, I know you are frustrated because more people believe in Santa Claus than in you. But being Number Two, perhaps you try harder...'. Number two? I WAS NUMBER TWO FOR OVER SIXTY YEARS! Where does this van Pelt kid get these ideas?[/COLOR]"

A wicked gleam appeared in the Easter Bunny's eye. "[COLOR="Teal"]One thing's for sure...he's going to have a really ROTTEN Easter! Muhahahahahahaha!!!!![/COLOR]"

[SIZE="4"]The End?[/SIZE]

OOC: The verse quoted above is from the 'extra gory' version of 'The Night Santa Went Crazy' by Weird Al Yankovic. So long for now. Maybe I'll see you in the new Traitor Game thread.

Superheroic 01-11-2007 11:06 AM

[QUOTE=Chris Lang;4226770]...So long for now. Maybe I'll see you in the new Traitor Game thread.[/QUOTE]

You better...

Closing credits!

Traitor Game V: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Traitor

A forum-based crossover RPG created by The Purple Skull

Hosted by Weirdopky

And featuring...

The Player Characters

The Purple Skull ...  Dr. Doom (variant Marvel)

tangentman  ...  Wonder Girl (80's DC)

Chris Lang  ...    Cologne (Ranma 1/2 variant)

Joe Acro   ...    Wally West (DC variant)

Indigo Al  ...  Archie with Quantum Bands (Archie/Quasar mashup)

Superheroic - Hulk (Marvel)

Jeff-E       ... Ronan the Accuser (Marvel)

moonknight2099  ... Super Skrull (Marvel)

darkkeeperjr   ...  Eric Cartman (South Park)

Chou Blaster  ... Kyle Rayner (DC)

Young Avenger - Eric O'Grady, Irredeemable Ant-Man (Marvel)

PatrickG  - Lex Luthor (pre-Crisis DC)

mattbib - Fin Fang Foom

Anthony Johanson - The Bard (Bard's Tale variant)

BYC  - the King (BK mascot)

Hush Little Batman - The Joker (DC variant)

Peter Parker - Jimmy Kudo/Conan (variant Case Closed)

Eternal Torment - Onslaught (Marvel)

With NPCs

Weirdopky - Crazy Santa, Hooded Figure/Red-Nosed Traitor

Indigo Al - Quasar (Marvel)

The Purple Skull - The Rogue Watcher and Donald (original characters inspired by Marvel)

Chris Lang - Easter Bunny

The events of the Traitor Game are fictitious. No holiday icons, Amazons, red-headed teenagers, Skrulls, or Latverian monarchs were harmed in the making of this Traitor Game.

RUMINATIONS: And so that's it for this re-presentation of Traitor Game V: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Traitor. While we've since gone on to do much better Traitor Games, there were still a lot of fun moments in this one. This game marked a further step in the evolution of the Traitor Games from mere 'Mafia/Werewolf' games with super-characters to being collaborative improvised crossovers. The games that followed, 'Traitor Game VI: Back to Basics' and 'Traitor Game VII: A Galaxy Far, Far Away', would continue the process.

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