Zhang He


Alter Ego
Zhang He, style name Junyi
General in the Wei army
Group Affiliations
Wei Kingdom
Base of Operations
Ancient China
First TG Appearance
Traitor Game History
Traitor Game VIII, Awards Show, XIV
Traitor Game Rivals
Traitor Game Roles
TG VIII - Traitor
Powers and Abilities
Enhanced human, trained in a variety of martial arts.
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General HistoryEdit

Zhang He is the beautiful, graceful and effeminate warrior of Wei. One of the top generals of Wei, he is usually dipicted as a narcissist always finding some beauty even in the field of battle. His weapon of choice is a set of slashing claws. His first appearance was in TG VIII played by Jeremi. Zhang He was the first character from Dynasty Warriors in the TGs.

Traitor Game VIIIEdit

The Zhang He that appeared in Traitor Game VIII: How Low Can You Limbo? was in fact a Space Phantom and one of the traitors with Megatron and Matt Parkman. He went to meet a kindred spirit in Chairman Kaga and form a little friendship with Ms. Marvel. After he gets revealed as a traitor he steals some liquor from Immortus cabinet and after that fades into obscurity.

First Annual Traitor Game Award ShowEdit

Zhang He enters the Award show with Morrigan Aensland mingling with the rest of the attendance giving out fashion tips to Dorian Grey.

Traitor Game XIVEdit

Traitor Game XIV marks the first time that the real Zhang He gets involved. Before he gets transported to the Bat Cave, a mysterious person forces the Space Phantoms memories into Zhang He. After he appears in the Bat Cave he briefly fights with Archie and doesn't really do much until he gets banished when he teams up with, Sylar and Satoru Toujou fight against the Violator. At the end of the game, the Goddess Belldandy and her sisters offered many of the players a single wish. Zhang He wishes for his statue to be set in all major cities in the multiverse. One statue has been seen in New Chronus.